Sunday, 7 February 2016

Living Force of Gottfried Leibniz The Living Force = Mass x Speed² or E=MC²

The idea of a Living Force was the theory of Gottfried Leibniz that there is a creative force. The theory was eventually absorbed into the modern theory of energy. But it is interesting to think that if the idea had be maintained instead of having E=MC² energy equals mass times the speed of light squared we would have had the Living Force equals mass times the speed of light squared. This would have changed our outlook of the Universe and our place within it totally. For with the belief in a creative force or Vis Viva comes the questions what can be achieved what are the possibilities and opportunities within creation!

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Quantum Gravity and Superconductivity, electrical potential is linked to...

Because superconductivity is formed by the dynamics of quantum mechanics we need a deeper understanding of quantum physics to explain this.
Too explain why the complete collapse of magnetic field lines causes such spectacular effect causing the annihilation of gravity in the reference frame of the experiment.
One explanation is that gravity is a secondary force to the EM force. Because the light photon of quantum mechanics is the carrier of the EM force this could link gravity and quantum physics giving us what we could call quantum gravity!
But these theories describe some of the effects of superconductivity without giving us an objective explanation of these effects that exists within the conventional Understanding of superconductivity. 
Superconductivity does not just create Levitation defying the gravitational pull of the whole Earth.
There are forces of attraction called magnetic pinning locking the two objects together.
As the temperature approaches absolute zero the entropy reaches its minimum value. 
It is as though they are frozen in time within their own reference frame.

Friday, 5 February 2016

GPS and the physics of a new theory on the nature of time as a physical process.

In order to work the Global Positioning System has to allow for the effects of Relativity. Special relativity tell us that moving clocks run slow, and general relativity tell us that clocks run faster higher in a gravitational field. These effects don't just cancel out general relativity wins out and time does indeed run faster up in orbit with the satellites. This video explains a reason why we have these effects explaining why time is so important not just in GPS navigation systems but in every aspect of our lives.