Friday, 23 January 2015

Could the future be an emergent property with time represented by the mathematics of quantum mechanics?

In this video consciousness in the
form of electrical activity in the brain is the most advanced part of this
process and can therefore comprehend this process as 'time'. With a past that
has gone forever and a future that is always uncertain in the form of a
probability function or quantum wave particle function that is explained
mathematically by Schrödinger's wave equation Ψ. Therefore each individual is
in the centre of their own reference frame as an interactive part of this
process being able to look back in time in all directions at the beauty of the
It is this
personalization of the brain being in ‘the moment of now’ in the center of its
own reference frame that gives us the concept of ‘mind’ with each one of us
having our own personal view of the beauty and uncertainty of life. 

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Could one simple eloquent equation explain the Universe as a continuum using the Riemann Sphere within a concept of space and time

In this video have one equation (E=ˠM˳C²)∞ representing one universal process that the laws of physics and mathematics are based upon.  

 Could one simple eloquent equation explain the Universe as a continuum with the future unfolding photon by photon? With Time as an emergent property with objects forming their own future spacetime by slowing up the rate that time flows (time dilation) relative to their own energy and momentum or actions. In this theory we have an interactive participatory Universe. The wave-particle duality of light is acting like the bits or zeros and ones of a computer. This forms a blank canvas for life to form its own future relative to its position and the energy and momentum of its own actions. Time is formed by the spontaneous absorption and emission of light represented by the quantum wave particle function Ψ with the future continuously coming into existence with each new photon electron coupling or dipole moment. We have an infinite number of line symmetries within a light sphere 4π representing an infinite number of potential time lines for future possibilities and opportunities.
 In this theory we have a universal process of spherical 4π symmetry forming and breaking. When the spherical symmetry is broken it forms spiral symmetry in the form of the Riemann surface rises up out of the complex plane forming a spiral pattern. Each time we go around the origin 2πi cylindrical symmetry has to be added and we find ourselves on another sheet of the complex plane. This represents the future coming into existences photon by photon with the movement of charge with the continuous flow of electromagnetic fields. This is a process of continuous energy exchange with the Planck Constant ħ=h/2π being a constant of action within this process. Nothing has greater organization or lower entropy than a sphere. Light photon energy from the Sun cascades down forming greater degrees of freedom for increasing entropy or disorganization. This process of symmetry forming and breaking also forms the possibility for the formation of more complex and diverse forms of symmetry that we see in the imperfect symmetry of cell life and as the Fibonacci spiral in plant life.