Friday, 27 June 2008

For it would be to defend a lie

For it would be to defend a lie
For life not to have to sit and cry
To see the living truth end and die.
Between the realms of Venus and Mars
Below the heavens of endless stars.
Now the amber's of our dieing race
Are in the eyes of a friendly face.
But the last word has not been spoken
The eternal cord is not broken
The Saxon sword was no token.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

The race has run, there is joy in the setting sun.

The race has run
There is joy in the setting sun
When all is done
And a new day is yet to come.
Now fading light
Leads to the peace of sleeping night
Will be just right
Before the dawn of a new sight
When birds will sing
And the Sunday Church bells will ring,
Papers will bring
News of such great worldly things
But the race has run
And I have not won.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

In the shadow of Picasso

Now beauty lies
With tears in her eyes
In the cold shadow of
A Picasso of love
And Classical art
Is all in the dark,
But I can't let go
Of beauty I know
And paint on instead
Her beautiful head
Sitting on a beach
Looking like a peach.
In sunshine or gale
She won't even sell
It's a crying shame
She's left in the rain
And with a sad sigh
I say goodbye!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Is there a never-ending book

Is there a never-ending book
And all you have to do is look
The more you look the more you see
The more that will come to be
But those that look down to explain
And chose a sad frown and their brain
Will become their own architect
Never seeing what they expect
As they measure and refine
The continuum of time
They take all the information
And underestimate creation
They do not understand their fate
That they themselves create
Those fools that look and look
But only see what they have took.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

To try and understand the poverty of Man

To try and understand

The poverty of Man

I had to only look twice

At the Birds of Paradise

Through suffering and strife

They found beauty in life

Through hope of salvation

We found mass starvation

They live on every breath

As we fight to the death

Through stupidity and fear

We built a living tear

They found diversity

Out of adversity

A beautiful solution

Formed out of evolution

We bind humanity

Through blind equality

And build a golden hearse,

They build Heaven on Earth

For they evolve with nature

We revolve in pleasure

As we try to kick a ball

They will fly above us all.
Pencil drawing of little children in Africa.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Is the epitome of joy?

Is the epitome of joy?

The love between dog and boy

In days long gone of endless sun

When dog and boy would run as one.

But is there more than we can see?

In such beauty of love to be

For was there an invisible paw?

That for ten thousand years or more!

Has been fed by the hand of man

And led to something greater than

The wolf that stood upon the land,

For did it help to shape the lamb

Out of love and a little joy

And make the man and little boy.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

What would Socrates have said?

What would Socrates have said
If he could look inside are heads
To look upon the human mind
That creates the world we find

To see the ruins of Greece
Through the tears of unbelief
To see what we have done
To this land under the Sun

To see us on the cosmic shore
And not venture out to explore
But just look with such contempt
At such natural beauties sent

To destroy this sacred Earth
That gave us life through birth
To declare war on nature's law
By far the greatest sin of all

For when we split the atom
No one really knows what happens
Do we kill life that's never been?
Maybe universes unseen

To pull down the wise and true
To build upon a lie, the new
Not to recognize the innate
Until it was far to late

To destroy the living flame
And disappear from where we came
Dissolving into fear and pain
Never to be seen again.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

The early riser

The early riser
Will be the wiser
And the early bird
Will be the one heard
The cleverest one
Will start very young
For with peace of mind
You will always find
The beauty of art
That comes from the heart
In paint or charcoal
New or classical
To do what you love
See the beauty of
Starting with the new
Be forever true
As each moment comes
Just reach for the sun
And life will unfold
Like light upon gold
Don't be sad with loss
Or mad with your boss
To be save in wealth
Is not faith and health
Money will not feed
Those that are in need.
But what can we do?
If I only knew
How to take the strong
And then build upon
All the souls that weep
Those that cannot reap.
But will wisdom find
Something for mankind
For the one and all
Those that only fall
Like leaves from a tree
We are one you see
For creation rose
Upon your nose.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

There was a time the Dodo flew

There was a time the Dodo flew
Upon the sky's of golden blue
Until he found an island true
That no one else had ever knew

But then he sat upon the ground
And found no harm would come around
Then evolution stole his wings
So he just sat and tried to sing

He grew fat and fearlessly bold
For a bird with feathers of gold
Now the Dodos, gone forever
No more golden songs or feathers

Could such a thing happen to us?
Just disappear through fear and lust
Will we become pygmies again?
If we never stand up as men.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Like the light of a waning Moon

Like the light of a waning Moon

And the luck of a silver spoon

Like the heat of a summer noon

Or even the flowering blooms

Like emotions of joy and gloom

Or sorrow of a dead man's tomb

That's never seen a woman's broom

The peace and silence of a room

Like love is gone far to soon.

Is birth and death the same?

Is birth and death the same?

For life on Earth that came

The only difference seen

Is what life creates between

And all creation spirals round

Created by a smile or a frown

That always leaves behind more

Than all the dreams that went before,

For we will see each other soon

In the light of a crest ant Moon

With nothing to lose or gain

But love to rearrange.