Thursday, 29 March 2018

A Unified Field Theory of Consciousness an artist theory on the physics of time

A Unified Field Theory of spacetime and Consciousness

 The video: Unified Field Theory Consciousness

The potential for conscious awareness must have always existed within the Universe for intelligent life to have evolved. 

  In this theory this potential is formed at the most fundamental level by a process of spherical symmetry forming and breaking. 
Such a process will formentropy or disorganization with a built in potential for ever greater
symmetry formation that we see in the complexity and diversity of cell
life with conscious awareness representing the most advanced part of
this universal process. 

The geometry of this process naturally forms three dimensional space with the two dimensional surface of the sphererepresenting a dynamic boundary condition with the inner concaved
surface forming negative charge and the outer convexed surface forming
positive charge. This two dimensional surface forms the holographic
principle with the information of this three dimensional process
holographically encoded on the two dimensional surface with photon
vibrations or oscillations forming the movement of positive and negative charge. 

 The polarity of electric fields always starts at a positive charge and ends at a negative charge with the direction of the fieldalways from positive charge to negative charge. Relative to each object
and life form this process forms what we see and feel as the arrow of
time always moving from a past to an uncertain future. 

  In these video Isay that time is the most fundamental part of our lives, but it can also
have no meaning at all, with our ability to have memories of the past
that may have happened many years ago. In this theory it is the
holographic nature of the unified field or universal process that forms
the potential for memories with our ability to look back in time and
recollect the past. Just as the squared pattern of a chess board forms a
structure for a game of chess, the brain forms a structure in three
dimensional space for the holographic principle to form the potential
for memories of the past. Just because this process uses the holographic
principle it does not mean that the universe is an illusion. 

 As acontinuum based on a universal three dimensional process of energy
exchange everything is real with consciousness and matter being
connected by photon vibration of the electromagnetic field.