Friday, 23 November 2018

What is the difference between a living tree and a dead tree?

Can living systems be reduced down to the laws of physics?
 Because all life, even the most complex intelligent life, is based on the same process of cell reproduction, if we can reduce plant life down to a physics process that can be explained by physics we can do it with all life. 

To do this we need to know the difference between a living system and a non living or innate object at the most fundamental level. To explain this we are going to look at the difference between a living tree and a dead tree. 

This is because plant life is simpler than animal life and interacts in a more direct way with the light of sun and the atoms of the soil. Also a tree has no overall commanded centre as we have in the form of a brain. 

 This makes it more simple to explain, but also more incredible that we can have such complexity and diversity without a central command centre.

Link to the video: What is the difference between a living tree and a dead tree?

Thursday, 1 November 2018

A reason for gravity, inertia and mass

Newton gave us the Universal Law of Gravitation explaining the inverse
square law of gravity. But he never explained why energy should act on
gravity in this way.
Then Einstein gave us the General Theory of Relativity explaining a
dynamic interactive process. In the General Theory of Relativity when an
object moves the curvature of spacetime moves relative to the energy
and momentum of the object.
But even in the General Theory of Relativity there is no explanation of
why energy and momentum should act on space and time in this way.
In a new theory called Quantum Atom Theory an artist theory on the
physic of time as a physical process we have one interactive and
universal process continuously unfolding at the quantum level of the
We see and feel this process as 'time' as a physical process of
continuous energy exchange that is formed light photon oscillation by
light photon oscillation. Objects form their own time by slowing up the
rate that time flows relative to their own energy and momentum.
Gravity is not a real force at all object just free-fall towards the
greatest energy because it has the greatest time dilation or the slow
rate that time flows.
In this theory mass is a by-product of time dilation. When time slows
down it takes more effort to move an object from A to B and this is seen
as an increase in mass!
Also Einstein's Equivalence Principle between gravity and acceleration
falls out of this theory. Because energy and momentum have to increase
for an object to accelerate time dilation will increase relative to the
acceleration. Therefore we have equivalence principle between gravity
and acceleration this will be felt as inertia in the direction of the