Friday, 26 December 2008

We only have the moment of now in our own spacetime

The dance of creation

oil on canvas

In Quantum Atom Theory we live in a Universe of multiple spacetimes and we can see these spacetimes all around us at the same time. If we look up at the stars we can look back in time through light years of space.
But when we look down into the atom we can only see probability. In Q.A.T. this is because of time dilation between the observer and the sub-atomic world. The sub-atomic particles are frozen in time relative to the observers own spacetime. All the observer will ever see is the probability of possible future events.
Only when an electron and photon comes into contact and create a new photon of light will the observer and the sub-atomic particles have the same time frame. At that moment in time two dimensional space upon the surface of the atom becomes three dimensional spacetime.
The new photon will expand out from the atom at light speed as a wave in all possible directions. When this wave comes in contact with the electrons of another object a new photon of light will be produce and this will create a new spacetime. In this way atoms create their own time and space.
However insane this theory might sound it can explain why light is a physical constant (independent of the motion of the source) and also why a sub-atomic particle can be bran new after a half-life. But above all it can explain why electron photon coupling are so important in Quantum Electrodynamics (Q.E.D.)
The great advantage of having a theory with multiple spacetimes instead of multiple universes is that we can see these spacetimes all around us in the structure of the atom and in the motion of the galaxies. This theory can easily be proven right or wrong!

diagram of electron photon coupling

We have time dilation with particles within the atom because time is being created by electron photon coupings on the surface of the atom.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Energy = Mass = Spacetime

This equation is a set of infinities within infinity a time within a spacetime a rhyme within a rhyme.
Q.A.T. is a visual theory it is based on observations not mathematics (this is because I am no good at maths). So I have used the equations of Einstein and looked at them as a kind of abstract art. They are very beautiful looked at this way.
Above is Q.A.T. interpretation of Einstein famous equation E=MC2. The (E) energy = (ˠ) Lorentz factor (M0) rest mass times the square of the speed of light (C2) brackets and then (∞) infinity.
The only different with (E=ˠM0C2) ∞ and the original E=MC2 is that rest mass has its own rest energy that is linked to the Lorentz factor of time, it is this energy that in Q.A.T. creates atom expansion and leads to the continuum of time.

Two objects moving through time and spacetime

This diagram shows two objects moving through time at light speed in Q.A.T. we are all energy waves moving at light speed through time. This is why light is a physical constant independent of the motion of the source. The speed of light is the same for all reference frames because time is expanding at the same rate light moves. If an object accelerates towards the speed of light in its own spacetime time dilation will take place and the object will flatten out (Lorentz contraction), relative to the observers own spacetime that has not accelerated. Both the object will create their own spacetime that is only relative to their own energy and mass. This explains how we can have multiple spacetime dimensions but the observer only ever sees one universe!


Friday, 12 December 2008

The future is not set in stone

pastel drawing of an old oil painting

Einstein said that all time exists now both the past and present. But in Quantum Atom Theory time is created by atom expansion in block of energy (quanta) that grow and create their own spacetime. Like a small child putting square play blocks on top of each other spacetime is formed in the same way.
Today physicists say the microscopic world is very different from ours and that they need probability
wavefunctions because there can only ever be a probability of where things might be.
But in QAT when we look at the microscopic world of the atom we are looking at the future of that atom own spacetime and the probability is no different than you would get with any future event. I could set up a probability wavefunction for myself to find out where I might be tomorrow and it would work for me just as good as it works for an electron.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Infinity of Time

This diagram shows how atom expansion can explain infinity and why time moves in only one direction within the atoms own spacetime.

In Quantum Atom Theory creation is being created continuously by atom expansion. This expansion cannot be seen but can only be felt as the continuum of time itself. But we can see the effect of atom expansion in shells of electrons around each atom just like ripples in a pond the gaps between the shells represent the motion of time. The atoms are only obeying the universal law that all energy must expand. Atom expansion is the reason why nothing is permanent in nature metals rust, wood rots and life grows old.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Rainbows, Spacetime and Relativity

At the end of the rainbow

In Quantum Atom Theory the atom and groups of atoms create their own spacetime. This is very difficult to visualize but a good analogy is an observer looking at a rainbow. The rainbow will only be relative to the observer (everyone sees their own rainbow). A moving observer will see the rainbow move with them relative to other objects. This is because the observer and the rainbow are in the same spacetime.
In Q.A.T. time is only relative to the atom or group of atoms themselves (in this case the observer).


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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Time moves at the speed of light

Spacetime (time) around an atom

· This diagram shows the creation of spacetime for an object at a state of rest and also for an object accelerating towards the speed of light.
· The object will expand or project its own spacetime at the speed of light.
This is why the speed of light in a vacuum is the same for all observers and is not relative to the movement of the observer.
· Energy, mass and time is equivalent they can only change form with each other.
· Einstein’s equation for ‘rest energy’ gives the atom enough energy to expand or project its own spacetime (time) at the square of the speed of light.
· Time is only relative to the atom or groups of atoms that are expanding or projecting that spacetime.
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Thursday, 6 November 2008

A whole Universe for each atom

Spacetime created by an atom

· This diagram shows the whole Universe but only for one atom. Using only one atom makes it easier to visualize.
· Time slow down for the atom as it accelerates towards the seed of light.
· The atom creates its own spacetime that will speed up as the atom accelerates.
· Feedback is created in the real Universe by other atoms.
· Time will stop at the speed of light because everything that can happen is happening in the atom’s own spacetime.
· This is because of the ‘Law of conservation of energy’ (in an isolated system the total amount of energy remains constant and cannot be created, although it may change form).
· In the real Universe feedback will create infinity but the Law of conservation of energy will always remain true.
· It makes you wonder what kind of God could create such a Universe!

An atom in its own spacetime.


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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Quantum Atom Theory

The Atoms of Aphrodite


Quantum Atom Theory
In this theory it is not just the Universe that is expanding but also the atoms themselves are expanding in spacetime. This can be observed in the casimir effect and the opposite reaction to time expansion is gravity itself. Each independent object has its own spacetime and time will run faster if that object is in acceleration we can observe this in time dilation. There is a mathematical concept called imaginary numbers that runs at right angles to ordinary time in Q.A.T. this is because spacetime is expanding in all direction as the atoms expand creating their own spacetime.
In Q.A.T. there is only one Universe but all possible spacetime exist (infinity).

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Monday, 27 October 2008

A Theory Of Everything.

This is my theory of everything, parts of the theory are probably wrong but if they are we can always changes them. and if the whole theory is wrong we can always say it was a joke.

Quantum Atom Theory
Quantum Atom Theory is the theory that it is not just the Universe that is expanding but the atoms themselves and this creates time. This may sound odd but this theory can explain the gravitational attraction between masses of atoms. The theory is compatible with the Electromagnetic Force. It gives us a clear picture of what time is that also fits in with Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity. It also explains the uncertainty principle uniting classical mechanics and quantum mechanics.
This is a very simple theory you may think it is too simple but I believe it is also very beautiful.
We will start on the solid ground of Newton’s Third law of motion and show how this fits in with Q.A.T. and gravity.
Newton’s third law of motion,
“To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”
Gravity is the opposite reaction to the atoms expanding this is why the greater the mass of atoms the stronger the gravity.
The conscious mind feels atom expansion as time.
Newton’s Second Law of motion,
“The net force on an object is equal to the mass of the object multiplied by its acceleration”
A moving object creates its own spacetime the faster the object moves the faster time runs within that spacetime. The increase in force on the object is the opposite reaction of atom expansion in spacetime.
Newton’s First Law of motion
“A body continues to maintain its state of rest or of uniform motion unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force”
In an object at a state of rest or in uniform motion the atoms are expanding in equilibrium, only if the body come in contact with an external force will the atom expansion increase. A object has its own spacetime unless acted upon by an external object.
When two objects come into contact they create one new spacetime.
We will look at quantum mechanics and uniting it with classical mechanics later first we must have a clear understanding of Time
Time and Quantum Atom Theory
In Q.A.T. time is very easy to understand it is just the measurement of the atoms as they expand. The problem we have is that the conscious mind has evolved to see only one place at a time (time being the measurement of atom expansion) this is why we have a measurement problem. Understanding time is the key to understanding quantum mechanics. In Q.A.T. there is no absolute or universal time because the atoms expand at different speeds in different conditions this fits in with Einstein theory Special Relativity.
The conscious mind has evolved to see light in all its glory and form. Just imagine if we could stand back and look at time in the same way as we look at light. Would time expand out in all possible direction from its centre source just like light?
We can create our own light source that are independent of other light source can we do this with time?
When two independent light scores come into contact they become one is it the same for time?
In Q.A.T. the answer to these question is yes
Is light and time a particles or a wave?
In Q.A.T. life is on the crest of a wave and light is part of that wave. Time is only the measurement of the wave.
The measurement problem and Q.A.T.
"The more accurately one tries to measure the position of a particle, the less accurately one can measure its speed, and vice versa."
In Q.A.T. when we observer the particle we are seeing the expansion of atoms in spacetime. We are seeing what we measure as time but the conscious mind has evolved to be in only one place at a time. Therefore we cannot measure the position and speed of the particle. It would be like being in two places at the same time. But what we do have is a choice in the microscopic world just as we do in the macroscopic world in fact they are the same.
Brownian motion and Quantum Atom Theory
"This is a phenomenon whereby pollen grains suspended in water are observed under a microscope to bounce around erratically."
In Q.A.T. this is due because the atoms are not expanding smoothly but in quanta bursts. It is like our whole Universe is a heart beating and every beat time moves on.

The two slit experiment and Quantum Atom Theory
We can now look at the two slit experiment. But first we need to understand more about Q.A.T. so we can know what is happening before the particles reach the plate with two parallel slits cut in it. In Q.A.T. electromagnetic radiation (light ext) is creating wave after wave of possibilities this is a continuous process called stimulated emission. When these waves come in contact with an object their wave function collapses and they create a moment in time this is a continuous process that creates the arrow of time or time continuum.

Double Slit Experiment and Quantum Atom Theory
The photon will expand in all possible routes as a wave of possibilities. When it reaches the screen with the two slits the photon will react with the electrons of the screen and create a new moment in time as particles. The part of the wave that does not come in contact with the screen will expand in all possible routes going through both slits.
Between the plate with the two slits and the screen the photon will expand in all possible routes as waves of possibilities. When they reach the screen they will create a new moment in time as particles creating the interference pattern. In Quantum Atom Theory time is created by electron photon coupling. When the wave-function collapses it creates a new moment in time.
When we try to determine which slit a photon passes through the interference pattern collapses. This is because at that moment in time we create a new moment of time. Just like in Newton's first law of motion the interference pattern will continue to maintain its state unless acted upon by an external force. The only problem is the external force can only see one moment of infinity.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Shadows of a tear.

Pencil drawing

They have such pretty clothes
For in the sunlight it shows
But when the harsh wind blows
Their hunger only grows
And in the little children’s faces
Where only tears leave traces
Of lost souls and places
No life of love and graces
For God with all his power
Could not save one little flower
And man in all his glory
Could not understand the story
For I've seen the people cry
That so many had to die
And no one can tell me why
No one seems to even try
For it was no act of fate
For the lack of love is hate
For again we were too late
To change what we create
It was not meant to be
For in their eyes I could see
They were just like you and me
Just shadows of eternity
For we live and only stare
In a world that doesn't care
But do not shed a tear
There will be more I fear

Monday, 13 October 2008

Each candle flame.

Audrey Hepburn and baby
oil painting

Each candle flame that shines so bright
A channel to a realms of light
Will open to the hearts delight
Creating light for its’ own sight
Within each little flame that burns
Is a whole universe that yearns
And all of creation turns
Around the moment life learns
That the reaction of kindness
Through distant time redefined us
For the greatest thing to change
Is our self to rearrange
Is it the individuals’
Faith that creates universal
Grace out of the littlest thing
Could all infinity spring?


A moment of kindness

Oil painting


Friday, 10 October 2008

I look up at the sky.

Watercolour of funny kind of swallow.

I look up at the sky
And see the swallows fly
Upon deepening blue
With sunset of orange hue
A descending red ball
And then it is no more
For nothing can remain
That out of nature came
And soon the heat of day
Will slowly fade away
Just like the fading light
Into the shade of night
Everything gently flows
In the wind that blows
And in the setting sun
That’s rising for someone
For somewhere someone yawns
To see and hear the dawn
To see brightening skies
Upon the swallows fly

Photo of the Sun setting over Dorset.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

The poetry of the Rose

Oil painting on canvas

The beauty of the Rose
Is that it never knows
The colours that unfold
In the eye that beholds
But grows towards the light
Without the joy of sight
She lives for beauties sake
And gives more than she takes
She leaves much more behind
Than Man will ever find
And is forever one
With the stars, rain and sun
For the clouds of the sky
Will tell her no lies,
The shadows on the fields
Will bring her no ills
She never feels the cold
Or needs the skill to hold
More than this moment now
And never wonders how
The mighty wind does blow
Or the great rivers flow
But is part of the whole
That is forever so


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

On the way to town.

Oil painting on canvas

On the way to town
I saw a penny on the ground
Thinking maybe luck I had found
I picked it up and went abound
As happy as a newborn clown
But with a sad frown
I thought it could have been a pound
And then a cold breeze came around
And many autumn leaves came down
Upon the greyness of the ground
Like an autumn gown
In many shades of golden brown
Something without bounds, quite profound
Beyond pennies, pounds or even crowns
For Mother Nature I had found
On my way to town

Oil painting on canvas


Sunday, 28 September 2008

If I could have held your hand.

Dancing Girl.
Pencil drawing.


If I could have held your hand
Found words to make you understand
But I could only look upon
The beauty that within you shone
For never a prettier thing
Could ever come to dance and sing
And with the music you did flow
Enchanting those that love you so
For each little move that you make
You create much more than you take
Bringing beauty for its own sake
And love and virtue in your wake
But my dance went all wrong
And my chance is forever gone
Just like the music of the song
Now you will have to move along
For words could never ever say
The things to make you by me stay
And you did slip from my hand
To the grip of another man


The Dance of Creation.

Oil on canvas.


Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Newborn


Did all creation come about?
So that life could scream and shout
Or does life play the fiddle
Standing within its own middle
And all creation form around
Just to listen to the sound
Of the newborn baby’s cry
With the soul that wonders why
He should come to live and die
Fall in love and give a sigh.
All of nature will look down
Just to look upon his crown.
Nature will judge him the same
Whatever they call his name
Just a chance of joy or pain
Lust or peace in sun or rain
His he his own creator
Much more than a spectator
Both the breaker and maker
The giver and the taker
For does it all come about
Out of his faith and doubt


Immortal Life an oil painting on canvas


Friday, 19 September 2008

True Beauty.

copy of a Renoir painting.


True beauty cannot die
But sits and wonders why
And in the light and shade
It comes and slowly fades
In each moment in time
An eternity of rhyme
For rhymes will never lie
And love will never die
But we may sit and cry
For what we let pass by


Oil painting on canvas


Sunday, 14 September 2008

The Lady of Afghanistan.

The Lady of Afghanistan

She’s standing there with a dirty face
Then she was gone without a trace
You can’t say the worlds a better place
For she’s just, one of a great race
And in her eyes so very pale
A look of heaven or of hell
I guess no one could truly tell
For no one looked beneath the veil
Too see in her face only pain
For no one even knew her name
Or from what lonely place she came
No shame, for no one was to blame
She looks down on the valley green
On beauty that has always been
“O why am I treated so mean
In a world that is so serene?”
Said the girl of Afghanistan
As the evening shadows grow
Of those eternal mountains so
Without a voice or choice, she goes
But where she goes, nobody knows
For they move just like little sheep
Where the mountains are so steep
Among the ruins of the heap
Where no one ever sows or reaps
“If only I could have some sleep”
Said the child of Afghanistan
And in the shadows of the night
Great armies fight with all their might
For God and for the people’s rights
She has no dreams of sweet delight
The Lady of Afghanistan
And as the morning Sun breaks through
Upon the early morning dew
Everything begins as new
But will her broken dreams come true
Is she any different from you?
The Lady of Afghanistan



For some reason The Pakistani Spectator as interviewed me and I have posted this rhyme in the hope that their reader might like it.

Friday, 12 September 2008

A Depressing Rhyme.

Audrey Hepburn in pencil

This loneliness I feel
That somehow seems to steal
The beauty of the night
And all the stars of night,
Can’t put this sadness right
For Athena is dead
And she lies in her bed
For soon I will follow
For life seems so hollow
For there is nothing less
Than a poets death.

Another drawing of Audrey


Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Cream doughnuts


Cream doughnuts at dawn
A sad smile and a yawn
Such beauty adorn

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Cows in the Sun.

In the summer sun
Cows with numbers on their bum
Seem to have such fun.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Kai's rhyme


Upon an amber Moon
She hopes her dreams come soon
For she has a magic rhyme
All written out in line
And in the darkness of night
She looks up at the light
And in beauty she does see
The oneness there to be
And like the stars of the night
She creates her own light
In life’s sad and happy rhyme
Written upon false time
For she’s the light of the Moon
And the Sun light of noon


This is Kai's rhyme from Kai's poetry

Thursday, 4 September 2008

The Blue Tit in watercolour.


The Blue Tit flies down
And sees water all around
And then the sound, plop!
Why not?


Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Could words ever say?


Could words ever say?
More than the shadows of day
Within childlike play


Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Love ones I've met.


Love ones I've met
Never to forget
Of such beauteous scenes
Of golden valleys and streams
Across time never ending
With light always descending
With each singularity
Creating reality,
One life slowly evolving
Species living, dissolving
To realities unseen
Universes not so mean
Where people still sit and dream
Eating strawberries and cream
Until life stands at the helm
Of a beautiful realm
Holding in its hand
The Promised Land
With no sad regret
Within a sunset.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

If only I could sleep.

The Hands of Creation.


If only I could sleep
The dreams I would reap
I would stand
On the sands
Of the Gobi!
And look out on nobody
And I would see the dawn of man
And the coming light of the Lamb
Walk with the Gods of Greece
Talk to the Hindu Priests
Fight great wars in the east
Light great firers of peace
And I would
If I could
Make love in the Indian Sun
See the beauty as the Ganges run
Feel the beauty and motion
Of the Indian Ocean
I would dance
And romance
Those Japanese Girls!
With those eyes like black pearls,
And then I would head for home
To see the glory of Rome
Fall at the face of the hoards
Like the tears of our Lord
And I’ll see
I would be
Sleeping in slumber and peace,
See the splendour that was Greece
Standing like an endless rhyme
Beyond the hands of time
But then to see a sad crime
Of the great Aryan race
Stumble and fall in disgrace.
Within stillness
I would feel this
Oneness of creation
That needs no explanation,
If only I could sleep
The dreams I would keep.


Sleeping Athena


Saturday, 30 August 2008

The tears of Athena.

The tears of Athena.

The Gods will laugh and cry
But we will have this place to die
This beautiful, beautiful place
Where all creation came to grace
But what of suffering, what of pain
What of things that make us wane
And what of sadness and what of death
For what is it that gives us breathe
What of beauty and what of love
What of those stars that shine above
For I have seen life come and go
And I guess I don’t really know
But I have laughed and I have cried
And I have seen love that cannot die
In the light of an eternal eye.

Sturminster Newton Mill.


Wednesday, 27 August 2008

On such a lovely morning


Could there be global warming
On such a lovely morning,
Or is it just a little lie
To blind us as our people die.



Only a child this one

But a hero and son

What have we done


Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The little spider's web


The little spider’s web
Upon the flow and ebb
Of the warm summer breezes
That somehow seems to please
The mind that does conceives
And with his heart believes.
The spider waits so still
But does he ever feel
Feelings of love and hate
In the beauty he creates
For is he the same as us
As we create our stuff
On our own little web
Around the things we said.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Let the Swallow fly


Let the little Swallow fly
And yesterday’s sorrows die
And infinity will bring
The birds to whistle and sing
For just a happy face
Create ripples in space
And reality begin
With morality within.

Monday, 18 August 2008

For memories fade

For memories fade
In light or shade
And time seems to heal
The pain that we feel,
But fear leads to greed
And a kind of need
That can make love run
Away from the sun
And hide in the shade
Where sadness is made

Monday, 11 August 2008

Out of painful words.


Out of painful words

Beauty will come to be heard

As rainfalls to earth


So life can give birth

Create such sadness or mirth

On this little Earth


For the saddest days

Like the early morning haze

From its own light raised


So sadness and pain

Creates its own kind of gain

Just like falling rain


So let's have some fun!

For all creation will come

From gray clouds and sun.