Friday, 19 December 2008

Energy = Mass = Spacetime

This equation is a set of infinities within infinity a time within a spacetime a rhyme within a rhyme.
Q.A.T. is a visual theory it is based on observations not mathematics (this is because I am no good at maths). So I have used the equations of Einstein and looked at them as a kind of abstract art. They are very beautiful looked at this way.
Above is Q.A.T. interpretation of Einstein famous equation E=MC2. The (E) energy = (ˠ) Lorentz factor (M0) rest mass times the square of the speed of light (C2) brackets and then (∞) infinity.
The only different with (E=ˠM0C2) ∞ and the original E=MC2 is that rest mass has its own rest energy that is linked to the Lorentz factor of time, it is this energy that in Q.A.T. creates atom expansion and leads to the continuum of time.

Two objects moving through time and spacetime

This diagram shows two objects moving through time at light speed in Q.A.T. we are all energy waves moving at light speed through time. This is why light is a physical constant independent of the motion of the source. The speed of light is the same for all reference frames because time is expanding at the same rate light moves. If an object accelerates towards the speed of light in its own spacetime time dilation will take place and the object will flatten out (Lorentz contraction), relative to the observers own spacetime that has not accelerated. Both the object will create their own spacetime that is only relative to their own energy and mass. This explains how we can have multiple spacetime dimensions but the observer only ever sees one universe!



Devika said...

This is interesting, Nick

certain aspects beyond my level, never been introduced to this level of QAT..

Wish you a Merry Christmas, Nick!

SandyCarlson said...

This is beautiful, lyrical. Thanks, Nick.

Abraham Lincoln said...

I suppose it is interesting to read or to know. I am so far behind this kind of information I would be lost.



Anonymous said...

I loved how you toke the theory into an art ...Loved it ..Hope you had great one X-Mas

Hope you had a blast


Peg said...

I feel like I am back in school! Teaching physics is a very interesting task. But then again, teaching is a very interesting task! ;-0}

Love your pastel of an oil and your other drawings!

Hope the holidays have been kind to you!

Many blessings,

socialmedia said...

I had this tattooed on my arm which then exploded into four more equations tattooed on me in different places. I love what you guys do and I would love to show you the tattoo I had done after I saw this post. contact me at

Neutrino said...

Love it! I love mathematics, and I have always looked for someone else who sees beauty in it's understanding. I'll be checking this site very often for the rest of my life :P

Anonymous said...

Time is an invention of mankind knowing that man has a finite intelect. Mathematics is also mankind's invention with a very finite wisdom.

We believe that time passes from conception to death but in reality, it is my theory that we continue through this short lifespan in the infinity of 0 time as there is no beginning nor any end. Our inner eye is all there is and we experience our solid reality along with the vessitudes of life being merely a sort of holographic time in which we are tested for our freewill to choose right from wrong. There is nothing real as we truly do not exist in any world/universe.