Friday, 25 November 2016

Why fluid dynamics mimics Quantum Mechanics with the wave particle duality of light Photons and matter in the form of electrons.

The video: Why fluid dynamics mimics Quantum Mechanics.

Scientist have uncovered a great similarity between fluid dynamics and the wave particle duality of quantum mechanics. 

 Bouncing droplets experiment and its similarity to quantum mechanics.
They set up an experiment of an oil-filled tray placed on a vibrating surface. When a drop of the same fluid is dropped onto the surface of the vibrating fluid, the droplet bounces on the surface of the fluid, rather than simply losing its shape upon impact. This bouncing droplet produces waves on the surface and these waves cause the droplet to move along the surface. This system was used to reproduce one of the most famous experiments in quantum mechanics called the double-slit experiment. The bouncing droplet can represent the ‘particle’ nature of a photon or electron and the waves on the surface of the fluid can represent the wave nature that can go through both slits at the same time. If we break the experiment of bouncing droplets down into individual parts and ask ourselves what each part could represents in the quantum world of the atoms it could give us a greater picture or understanding of quantum mechanics. We know that the Universe is never at absolute zero therefore there is always the spontaneous absorption and emission of photon energy forming photon oscillation or vibrations. This process will naturally form the continuously vibrating surface of the tray in the experiment. We know that light has momentum and that momentum is frame dependent. Also we know that the light photon forms the movement of charge with the continuous flow of electromagnetic fields relative to the atoms of the periodic table. Therefore the droplet can represent a photon, electron or an atom within its own reference frame and the waves can represent electromagnetic waves with charge being an innate part of all matter. It is interesting that even if the bouncing droplet represents a whole atom surround be an electron probability cloud the atom can go through ether slit with the probability cloud going through both forming an interference pattern. And this can take place in just three dimensions over a period of time without the extra dimensions of String Theory or the parallel universes of Hugh Everett Many worlds interpretation.
 Walking droplet experiment in a circular tray.
The waves generated by the bouncing droplet reflected off the circular tray wall. This restricted the droplet within the circle. The droplet and the wave interfered with each other to create motion that appeared to be totally random, but over time, it proved to favor certain regions over others. It was found most frequently near the centre of the circle, then, with slowly diminishing frequency, in concentric rings whose distance from each other was determined by the wavelength of the wave. 
 The quantum experiment of an Electron in a circular corral is almost identical to the walking droplet experiment in fluid dynamics.