Saturday, 28 July 2018

The Theory of Pantheism

By ‘The Theory of Pantheism’ I mean a Universe
explained totally by physics that fits in with ideas of Pantheism. This is possible if the Universe is explained as a
continuum based on one universal process of energy exchange.
An idea of a process fits in very well with early Pantheist
ideas of God being 'nature nurturing' or the self-causing activity of nature.
In this theory the self-causing aspect of nature is
formed by the spontaneous absorption and emission of light in the form of
photon energy.
In Pantheism there is the idea that we are all made of one substance one
source energy and that we're all a part of the whole Universe.
Because everything is God there are no potentials for other realms there
simply is what is here now and that's it there's no potential for any other
reality or any other dimension of reality.
This fits is very well with the three dimensional process explained in
this theory where the extra dimensions of String Theory are explained away as
future possibilities and opportunities in our one three dimensional Universe.
Also the pantheist idea that the body and spirit are
not separate and that the two are the same is similar to this theory.
That explains consciousness in it most simple form
as electrical activity relative to the brain.
Therefore because electric charge is an innate part
of all matter, conscious awareness can be explained as the most advanced part of
one universal process.
We have one universal process from the cell within
us to the stars above us.
If God is everything then the best way forward is an
objective study based on logic and reason, since taking the religious stance
would leave one open to the possibility of error and superstition.
Unlike religious belief scientific theories can be
corrected if found to be wrong
. If God is everything, is the statement of pantheism
this can be the theory of Pantheism.

The intellectual love of God!