Friday, 25 July 2008

Such a lonely cloud.

Such a lonely cloud

Gray sunlit, lovely and proud

But only a should


Beyond right or wrong

On the breeze like a sad song

Then forever gone


But for that moment

All of creation was spent

And all beauty sent


So life could expand

Within the eye and the hand

For their infinity and

Eternity stands,


It's own centre vowed

Within the light of a cloud

All life is endowed.


Sunset in watercolour


Sunday, 20 July 2008

To wish upon a star

To wish upon a star
That is so very far
Is not so very mad
Whether happy or sad
In all faith you will find
Something gentle and kind,
Just like the sun and rain
Or even joy and pain.
We were made in the stars
And we have come so far
To look back in the night
On reflection of light
That is part of the whole
Of every living soul.
A never ending flow
That makes the Cosmos glow
With the light of the stars
And the life that is ours.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

As the sunsets on a thousand regrets.

As the sunsets
On a thousand regrets
In a veil of golden red
For the things I never said
Like tears without a trace
Or a man without a race
My heart begins to pace
Just to look upon her face
I never seen her part
Or heard her footsteps in the dark
And I never said good-bye
But I will love her till I die
And as the shadows grow
Upon my weary soul
I guess, I will never know
Why I loved her so.
In the early morning twilight
When the stars fade out of sight
Before the sun begins its flight
Across the sky so bright.
I will say a prayer for you
For the little girl I knew
And I will not be blue
For the day will begin anew.
A classical pastel drawing.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Did we recognize the Son

For he, he did come
But did we recognize the Son
In the starving mob
And in the aborted blob
In the dying child
And in the mother's cries, wild
In the enemy's face
Or the anemone's grace
In the wild flowers
And the wide open bowers.
All life comes about
Out of nature's lack of doubt
For the sun does rise
On the ignorant and wise
On the great mountains
And the descending fountains.
But will the sunset
On knowledge without regret,
If we never come
To see everything as one.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008


We take a lifetime to learn to live
To find out the secret is to give
To see all life as one divine spark
Forever changing nature's fine art
To look at all happiness all pain
As the light of one eternal flame
That burns within the heart of mankind
And yearns for something gentle and kind
Like waves upon a sea of motion
All love is part of one great ocean
That throughout eternity happens
Creating light of endless patterns
But we can only see a fraction
When man's totally free of action
To sit and wonder what might have been
If we had faith in the light, to dream.