Sunday, 31 August 2008

If only I could sleep.

The Hands of Creation.


If only I could sleep
The dreams I would reap
I would stand
On the sands
Of the Gobi!
And look out on nobody
And I would see the dawn of man
And the coming light of the Lamb
Walk with the Gods of Greece
Talk to the Hindu Priests
Fight great wars in the east
Light great firers of peace
And I would
If I could
Make love in the Indian Sun
See the beauty as the Ganges run
Feel the beauty and motion
Of the Indian Ocean
I would dance
And romance
Those Japanese Girls!
With those eyes like black pearls,
And then I would head for home
To see the glory of Rome
Fall at the face of the hoards
Like the tears of our Lord
And I’ll see
I would be
Sleeping in slumber and peace,
See the splendour that was Greece
Standing like an endless rhyme
Beyond the hands of time
But then to see a sad crime
Of the great Aryan race
Stumble and fall in disgrace.
Within stillness
I would feel this
Oneness of creation
That needs no explanation,
If only I could sleep
The dreams I would keep.


Sleeping Athena


Saturday, 30 August 2008

The tears of Athena.

The tears of Athena.

The Gods will laugh and cry
But we will have this place to die
This beautiful, beautiful place
Where all creation came to grace
But what of suffering, what of pain
What of things that make us wane
And what of sadness and what of death
For what is it that gives us breathe
What of beauty and what of love
What of those stars that shine above
For I have seen life come and go
And I guess I don’t really know
But I have laughed and I have cried
And I have seen love that cannot die
In the light of an eternal eye.

Sturminster Newton Mill.


Wednesday, 27 August 2008

On such a lovely morning


Could there be global warming
On such a lovely morning,
Or is it just a little lie
To blind us as our people die.



Only a child this one

But a hero and son

What have we done


Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The little spider's web


The little spider’s web
Upon the flow and ebb
Of the warm summer breezes
That somehow seems to please
The mind that does conceives
And with his heart believes.
The spider waits so still
But does he ever feel
Feelings of love and hate
In the beauty he creates
For is he the same as us
As we create our stuff
On our own little web
Around the things we said.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Let the Swallow fly


Let the little Swallow fly
And yesterday’s sorrows die
And infinity will bring
The birds to whistle and sing
For just a happy face
Create ripples in space
And reality begin
With morality within.

Monday, 18 August 2008

For memories fade

For memories fade
In light or shade
And time seems to heal
The pain that we feel,
But fear leads to greed
And a kind of need
That can make love run
Away from the sun
And hide in the shade
Where sadness is made

Monday, 11 August 2008

Out of painful words.


Out of painful words

Beauty will come to be heard

As rainfalls to earth


So life can give birth

Create such sadness or mirth

On this little Earth


For the saddest days

Like the early morning haze

From its own light raised


So sadness and pain

Creates its own kind of gain

Just like falling rain


So let's have some fun!

For all creation will come

From gray clouds and sun.



Friday, 8 August 2008

Is Infinity


Is infinity

Just a moment of beauty

Within all to see




Beauty lives and dies

In the moment of an eye

Then we sit and cry




Eternity stands

Where infinity expands

In the eye and hand



Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Waiting for Immortality.

Waiting for Immortality.

I was just too late

And you were far too early

Now I sit and paint


Friday, 1 August 2008

The Infinity of Time

Is the reality of time?

A concept of the human mind

Just like the measurement of rhyme

For you create the world you find

Where upon grows the living vine

And therefore flows the mortal wine


If you could travel back in time

The one thing you would never find

Would be your life with the same old rhyme

But something of a different kind

Where upon grows the living vine

And therefore flows the mortal wine


Because every moment in time

Of every church bell that chimes

Of every grain of sand so fine

Is a whole universe Divine

At one with the immortal vine

And therefore flows the mortal wine


Each opportunity you see

Of endless possibilities

Is because each moment is free

In it's own cosmos that you see

Part of an endless living vine

And therefore flows the mortal wine


Faith creates it's own reality

And hate it's own depravity

And depression it's own poverty

And love creates it's own beauty

All part of the one living vine

And therefore flows the mortal wine


In everything you say and do

You create the cosmos anew

With life of all possible forms

Will have a place to be the norm

To be with one the living vine

And therefore flows the mortal wine


For everything it must be true

Even the early morning dew

Will see the light of it's own dawn

Upon a never ending lawn

That falls upon the living vine

And therefore flows the mortal wine


For if the cosmos was not so

Nature would not diverse and grow

Distant stars would not burn and glow

Human hearts would not yearn to know

The secret of the living vine

That overflows with mortal wine


And the cosmos would not expand

And man would not hold in his hand

A chance to try and understand

That it's within God's mind we stand

Just grapes upon the living vine

And therefore flows the mortal wine.


Painting in watercolour and ink.