Sunday, 27 April 2008

The Gods are crying, Art and Poetry

The Gods are crying

And natures sighing

In this pointless war

That makes us all poor

And destroys are law

Makes us walk less tall

But light cannot die

And truth never lies

And is forever still

But we fight and kill

To try and defend,

What can never end.

Is it, so hard to see?

What will always be

Loves universal truth

Above almighty Zeus.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Beyond The Stars, Art and Poetry

Is there a place beyond the stars?

With no trace of cities or cars

Where light does not cast a shadow

And life's not so fast and shallow

Where there is just one tree of life

That forever grows free of strife

In all directions spiral out

The celestial branches about

Where each little leaf does unfold

So that creation can be told

And all the roots are intertwined

Across the parallels of time

With the right and wrong, meek and strong

Creating a celestial song.

The pillars of creation grow

Out of darkness for light to glow

And will explorers one-day find

Such a thing within a child's mind

And find the future and the past

And all the fusion and the mass

That lights the million sun of night

In life of little Ones of light

For could we be beyond the stars

When we ponder within our cars.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Through Distant Time, Art and Poetry

Through distant time
Moving like rhyme

I can still see
Visions of thee

In my mind's eye
My heart will fly

With eyes of brown
And a sad frown

Unforgotten smiles
Eloquent whiles

Ringlets of curls
Sunlight and twirls

Just reflections

For fading thought
Cannot be caught

With ink and pen
By thinking men

In rhymes gone wrong
In time long gone

The Morning, Art and Poetry

Shadows born upon the morning light

Creating beauty within mortal sight

Living trees appear above the mist

In nature's stillness love and truth exist

But soon the silence will be broken

By the slightest word that will be spoken

And the many shades of misty gray

Will fade into the things we say

And Man's emotional thought

Will find a world all at fault

Thursday, 24 April 2008

The beauty of the rose, Art and Poetry

The beauty of the rose
Is that it never knows
The colours that unfold
In the eyes that beholds
But grows towards the light
Without the joy of sight
She lives for beauties sake
And gives more than she takes
She leaves much more behind
Than Man will ever find
And is forever one
With the stars, rain and sun
For the clouds of the sky
Will tell her no lies
The shadows on the fields
Will bring her no ills
She never feels the cold
Or needs the skill to hold
More than this moment now
And never wonders how
The mighty wind does blow
Or the great rivers flow
But is part of the whole
That is forever so.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Sarah Payne, Art and Poetry

And as she looks out of my drawing
I find it quit appalling
That some one so adoring
Could not have a full life exploring

And in her face you can see
An innocence, gone from you and me
With a smile so sweet
It could lighten up the street.

She never had a worry or a care
And when the sun shone upon her mousy hair
It gleamed so golden and so fair
Just like the halo hiding there,

Like a bird in a tree she looks so free
And now in her nest at rest
She is save and with the best
And no one can say she was ever a pest.

Only if she could make a sound
Act so daft and mess around
With those eyes so round and brown
Something of the Lamb seems to rebound.

But frozen in time it's so unkind
That the world couldn't find
The way for someone so fine
To live a life like mine.

Never to laugh or run in the grass
Or drink wine from a glass
Drive a car really fast
Grow old and look back on the past.

In are memories she still glows
Like some shinning piece of gold
Just like a lost lamb from the fold
Don't let her story be untold.

Monday, 21 April 2008

The Lady of Afghanistan, Art and Poetry

She's standing there with a dirty face

Then she was gone without a trace

You can't say the worlds a better place

For she's just, one of a great race

And in her eyes so very pale
A look of heaven or of hell
I guess no one could truly tell
For no one looked beneath the veil

Too see in her face only pain

For no one even knew her name

Or from what lonely place she came
No shame, for no one was to blame

She looks down on the valley green

On beauty that has always been

'O why am I treated so mean
In a world that is so serene?'
Said the Lady of Afghanistan

As the evening shadows grow

Of those eternal mountains so
Without a voice or choice, she goes
But where she goes, nobody knows

For they move just like little sheep

Where the mountains are so steep
Among the ruins of the heap
Where no one ever sows or reaps
'If only I could have some sleep'
Said the Lady of Afghanistan

And in the shadow of the night

Great armies fight with all their might

For God and for the peoples rights

She has no dreams of sweet delight

And as the morning sun breaks through

Upon the early morning dew
Everything begins as new
But will her broken dreams come true

Is she any different from you?

The Lady of Afghanistan.