Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Sarah Payne, Art and Poetry

And as she looks out of my drawing
I find it quit appalling
That some one so adoring
Could not have a full life exploring

And in her face you can see
An innocence, gone from you and me
With a smile so sweet
It could lighten up the street.

She never had a worry or a care
And when the sun shone upon her mousy hair
It gleamed so golden and so fair
Just like the halo hiding there,

Like a bird in a tree she looks so free
And now in her nest at rest
She is save and with the best
And no one can say she was ever a pest.

Only if she could make a sound
Act so daft and mess around
With those eyes so round and brown
Something of the Lamb seems to rebound.

But frozen in time it's so unkind
That the world couldn't find
The way for someone so fine
To live a life like mine.

Never to laugh or run in the grass
Or drink wine from a glass
Drive a car really fast
Grow old and look back on the past.

In are memories she still glows
Like some shinning piece of gold
Just like a lost lamb from the fold
Don't let her story be untold.

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