Monday, 18 April 2016

Why is the Subatomic timeless? Could our concept of ‘time’ be formed by an interaction between photons and electrons?

Explaining the Universe as a continuum formed by a continuous process of energy exchange ‘time’ can be thought of as an emergent property. Within such a theory we all have an uncertain future unfolding relative to the energy and momentum of our own action. The parallel universes of String Theory are just future possibilities and opportunities in our one three dimensional Universe of continuous creation in this theory!  

Friday, 15 April 2016

DNA double helix as a quantum mechanical process. Explained by an artist theory on the physics of time with an emergent probabilistic future.

This theory is ready for Quantum Biology by explaining
quantum physics has the physics of time with an emergent future unfolding
relative to the atoms of the periodic table. It is pointless explaining what
looks like the miracle of biological life by using quantum physics if we have
no objective understanding of quantum physics.

It has been said that quantum mechanics has shown that matter is an illusion and the whole universe is nothing but energy. But even an illusion needs a physical process to maintain
it that can have a dynamic interactive structure relative to the atoms of the
periodic table.This dynamic process is formed by the spontaneous absorption
and emission of photon energy this forms a universal process of energy exchange
that forms the ever changing world of our everyday life.

In this theory we see and feel this process has 'time' with an uncertain future coming into existence
light photon by light photon with each new photon electron coupling or dipole
moment. This is a totally universal and interactive process unfolding within an
infinite number of dynamic reference frames with each reference frame having a
time line or Arrow of Time from the past into the future.

Biological life is the most advanced physical part of this universal process that in this theory can be explained by just one equation.

The easiest way to see how this process works in our everyday life is to look at how oxygen and hydrogen atoms bond together to form the characteristics of water. We have oxygen and hydrogen forming standing waves over a period of time in the form of water molecules. In this theory the
atoms do not just form standing wave over a period of time but they form their
own future relative to their energy and momentum. The water molecules will do
this by continuously forming and breaking hydrogen bonds relative to the flow
of the water. The molecules of water are constantly moving in relation to each
other, and the hydrogen bonds are continually breaking and reforming. This
process forms dipole moments with the separation of charge with the absorption
and emission of photon energy. In this theory this represents the future coming
into existence within the reference frame of the water relative to the energy
and momentum of the water molecules.

This process is relative to the environment with environmental temperature variations in photon energy forming infinite snowflake diversity with no two snowflakes in the world being identical.

Because we, like everything else are made of atoms or elements, we are an interactive part of this process with an emergent future relative to our environment and the energy and momentum of our own actions!  At the most fundamental level this process of energy exchange represents a universal process of spherical symmetry forming and breaking. This process of symmetry forming and breaking forms the disorganization or entropy and also the uncertainty that is needed for the potential for every greater symmetry formation that we see in cell life!

At the heart of each cell we have DNA’s Spiral double helix,
or twisted ladder structure that requires rungs of hydrogen bonds to hold the
spiral of the double helix together; each bond is essentially made up of a single
hydrogen atom that unites two molecules.

Since the 19th century, when Charles Darwin formulated the
idea that mutations create the genetic variety needed for species to evolve, the
idea has been that all mutations should happen at random and that evolution is

But observations and experiments have shown that environmental
conditions themselves   play a role in the rate of genetic mutations
with far faster rates than expected if the mutation occurred at random.

A few people have suggested DNA mutates when the hydrogen
atom tunnels, quantum-mechanically, to the “wrong” half of its rung using the quantum
mechanical property called superposition, before it is observed, the atom will
simultaneously exist in both a mutated and non-mutated state — that is, it
would sit on both sides of the rung at the same time.

The problem is, this is like explaining something that we don’t understand by using something else that we don’t have an objective understanding of.

The puzzle regarding DNA mutations is explained in this theory by these hydrogen bonds breaking and reforming with the future coming into existence with the exchange of photon energy. This represents a process of spherical symmetry forming and breaking formed by the wave particle duality of light. When a hydrogen bond breaks photon energy will radiate out in all directions as a wave. Only when this quantum wave particle function comes in contact with an atom will it collapse into a particle forming a new hydrogen bond.   

Therefore, we have a simple process of cause and effect with gene mutations being relative to the environment in the form of the structure of the genetic process that is unfolding.

Firstly, we have one universal geometrical process of energy
exchange that cell life is based upon.
These basic cells organise into organs (lungs, liver, kidney), which
then group into systems (respiratory, digestive, excretory). Thus, the living
body is akin to a community of collaborating units.

But each step of the living process is based on the same universal process of continuous energy exchange or continuous creation.

It is madness to think that the beauty of life could form
out of chaos and disorder, but it is logical that such beauty could form with
the disorder and chaos of everyday life out of a process of symmetry forming
and breaking! In this theory the fundamental nature of the Universe is a
process of symmetry forming and breaking not just in space, but also in time
forming what we see and feel as the continuum or flow of time.

This geometrical process of symmetry forming and breaking
forms an infinity of possibilities that is needed for the diversity and
complexity of cell life.

Life forms its own ripples in the fabric of space-time forming
its own evolutionary path has an integral part of space-time an integral part
of Einstein’s Relativity. With each part being relative to the whole as part of
one interactive process.

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