Monday, 17 October 2016

Could the Fibonacci Spiral be formed out of a process of symmetry forming and breaking?

Could the Fingerprint of God or the Fibonacci Numbers be formed by a universal process of spherical symmetry forming and breaking?

The Fibonacci Spiral can be seen almost everywhere and there seem to be no connection, no logical reason. But all the Fibonacci Spirals are formed over a period of time.
In this theory the future is not based on total randomness, it is based on broken spherical symmetry and this takes the form of the most beautiful geometrical shape with the Fibonacci spiral being visible almost everywhere in nature.
  In such a theory we see the Fibonacci Spiral in plant life not because of economy of growth, but because we have a universal process of symmetry forming and breaking. This is why the Fibonacci spiral can be seen in so many different ways that are totally unconnected.
  The connection with all these Fibonacci spirals and curves is that they were all formed over a period of time. It is the continuum of space-time as a geometrical process of symmetry forming and breaking that forms the Fibonacci Spiral.
 This can also explain why these spirals are never perfect, it is because they are formed out of broken spherical symmetry relative to the atoms of the periodic table.
At higher temperatures the atoms breakup and the geometry of this process is extended over much larger areas in the form of plasma.    
  This spherical geometry can actually be seen in images from the international space station with a candle flame in zero gravity naturally forming a sphere that is interacting with the environment relative to the two dimensional surface of the sphere.
The great thing about a process of symmetry forming and breaking is that it will form, not only entropy or disorganization, but always the potential for ever greater symmetry formation creating the potential for cell life.
  Light has momentum and momentum is frame dependent therefore we have a process that forms individual reference frames. We see and feel time as two dimensional with a future and a past like the two dimensional surface of a sphere. The inner surface is concaved and the outer surface is convexed forming different aspects of the same process. This form the different aspects of positive and negative charge. With momentum from the center of the sphere always interacting with the surface at right-angles. Therefore electromagnetic fields always interact at right-angles. Charge is an innate part of all matter forming a universal process with the spontaneous absorption and emission of light forming what we see and feel as the ever changing world of our everyday life, the continuum of time! In this theory the Future is unfolding light photon by light photon with the movement of charge and the flow of electromagnetic fields.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

The reflection of creation, CPT symmetry explained as a geometrical process of energy exchange

There is a profound symmetry in the Universe between matter and antimatter with 100% energy exchange. Because the Universe is never at absolute zero this is a continuous process of symmetry forming and breaking. Light is continuously interacting with the atoms of the periodic table with the continuous annihilation of antimatter. This process forms a "mirror-image" of our universe that is called CPT symmetry with the ‘C’ standing for the reversal of charge and the ‘P’ standing for parity or mirror symmetry. The ‘T’ stands for time reversal. The unity of this process can be seen, if we reverse just one or even a pair the symmetry is broken. We have to reverse all three charge, parity and time to maintain this symmetry. This profound symmetry is continuously maintained in our Universe with the reflection in time and the reflection of charge making up one of the most powerful underlying principles in physics. 

 In this theory CPT symmetry represents part of a geometrical process that forms what we see and feel as the passage of time. In such a theory the Universe is a continuum with the emission of a particle being exactly equivalent to the absorption of its antiparticle counterpart. The absorption and annihilation of the antiparticle represents the past at the smallest scale ofthe process and the emission of a particle represents the future with the creation of uncertainty and probability. If the future is based on the past as a process of energy exchange that forms cause and effect in our everyday life, then at the smallest scale of the process there would be a profound symmetry and this is what CPT symmetry represents. Scientist have proposed that antiparticles be viewed as particles travelling backwards in time. But would it not be more logical to say that ‘particles’ are travelling forwards in time and that the future is unfolding photon by photon with each new photon electron coupling or dipole moment?
The great paradox of wave particle duality can be explained in this theory: Light and matter in the form of electrons are waves and only have particle   characteristics when they interact relative to the atoms of the
periodic table. The future is unfolding relative to the atoms of the periodic table and therefore relative to our own actions. The dynamics and structure of this process can be supported by how and where the CPT symmetry is broken, there is no CPT symmetry within the atoms that is governed by the weak force. The weak interaction is the only fundamental interaction that breaks CPT symmetry and there is also no arrow of time for the individual elementary particles within atoms. This would be totally logical if ‘time’ is formed by photons interacting with the electron clouds of probability that surrounds the atoms. CPT symmetry is also broken by the second law of thermodynamics with the continuous increase in statistical entropy or disorganization. 

 One of the great puzzles with the second law of thermodynamics is why the past has such
low entropy or high organization. But in this theory it is logical because the statistical entropy or disorganization is formed by a process of symmetry forming and breaking. If we take photon energy cascading down from the Sun each photon oscillation will only occur once forming greater degrees of freedom for entropy or disorganization. Therefore, the further we look back in time the less photon
oscillation will have occurred and the lower the entropy this will be seen has greater organization or symmetry. This theory can also explain where the potential comes from for the organization and structure that we have within the Universe, because this is a process of symmetry forming and breaking there is always the potential for ever greater symmetry formation. This forms the potential for the ever greater diversity and complexity of cell life with life forming its own evolutionary path as an integral part of this process. 

 This can be seen with all intelligent life having line symmetry or left and right handedness representing its own time line as a conserved part of this geometrical process of energy exchange.  

 Intelligent life is the most advanced part of this universal process with the potential for art, poetry, morality and love with creation in the hand and eye of the beholder.