Thursday, 29 May 2008

Can joy be put in a jar?

Can joy be put in a jar?
Or freedom bought with a car
Or love not felt from afar
With eyes that melt like hot tar?

Can the truth be remembered?
Or a lie ever forgotten
Could love be dismembered?
And life turn not rotten.

Can anyone change the past?
Or make the future come to last
But only in this moment cast
A shadow that will never pass.

Can we pair beneath the veil?
Not hearing the noisy din
Not fearing eternal hell
Seeing stillness all within.

Can the thinker of the deed,
Be the sower of the seed?
Could the doubter maker the weed
And the lover create the creed.

Can we see, oneness of it all?
Among the suns of night, the stars
And feel within this sight is more,
For the creative light is ours.

When Katherine stars to sing

When Katherine starts to sing

Then creations heart will ring

And the Heavens will vibrate

With the beauty she creates

That in nature is not found

Glass will shatter at the sound

And in the light sprinkles down

Just like stars sparkling around

Within their own Heaven found

And before they reach the ground

Light will catch her eyes of blue

Life will be made one not two

Within loveliness begun

All creation will be one

Both the maker and the made

Are within this little maid

Something that will never fade

In the shadow of her shade

In the eyes of those that gaze

In the mind she does amaze

Just for a moment to see

All creation come to be

For the Gods of old will stare

At the girl with golden hair

When creative beauty brings

Life under its golden wings.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

For hate will blind

For hate will blind
And fear will bind
But, truth may be unkind
For those that look to find

For could all creative thought
Be through only one mind brought
That cannot always be taught
And is at conception caught

Leaving empires in the sand
Scattered across distant lands
Created by the same hands
Of men that no longer stand

Just like Babylon before
Classical Greece is no more
And then great Rome stood so tall
But only to decline and fall

For is there an innate vice
That turns to hate and strife
For could intelligent life
Have somehow evolved twice

Or is there a genetic link?
That makes us all swim or sink
Making the great minds think
Creating in pen and ink

That creates the frills of state
And therefore seals our fate
For sinners and for saint
For those that love or hate

But if we had understood
Would we have taken the good?
Could we have saved the Golden Age?
With love and beauty not rage

And build upon shifting sands
Empires that forever stand
Against the poverty and
Suffering of every man

Or would we throw it away
Just for a moment of a day
Just to have love in our hands
To fly like a dove not a man.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

I look upon the stars of night

I look upon the stars of night

And see beauty within their light

There's no centre to comprehend

And no beginning and no end

Expanding in all directions

The light of total perfection

For every atom has its place

Upon the celestial face

For every combination

And every variation

Has a place to laugh, love and cry

And trace the wonders of the sky

As part of never ending time

That is our own invented crime.

Could we reach out beyond the Moon

To see some great eternal noon

To be part of the rhyme of night

Just like the stars that shine so bright.

Friday, 23 May 2008

So God is dead

So God is dead

Or so I read

And Man will follow

Maybe tomorrow

But how can this be?

For life I still see

And cows look at me

With eyes that are part

Of life's divine art.

Flowers will follow

The Sun tomorrow

Across sky's of blue

Creating life new

They will not wallow

In their own sorrow

Opening their heads

Without fear or dread

And nature will bow

To God, Man and cow.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Is there more than looks can see

Is there more than looks can see

Within beauty that can be?

Is there more than words can say

Within children's loving play?

Is the life of the newborn

The maker of his own dawn?

Is a smile of a friend

The beginning and the end?

Is faith the creator of

More than it's own truth or love?

Is just a moment of peace

A life that will never cease?

Do we make more than we take

If we sleep or if we wake?

Is breath all of you and me

Is death more than life can be?

Monday, 19 May 2008

The Great Man

He is on his way

Upon this very day

They say, "he tried to do good"

But he should have worked in wood

Not try and defend the light

By death in the darkness of night

Fighting a war we cannot win

And all divided from within

For war and death will bring

No little birds to sing.

A kingdom of the poor

Where wisdom is no more

The self is all that counts

And wealth is an account

And only life is cheap

For death and crime we reap

Now people cry alone

In their own little homes

Divided from the fold

That was worth more than gold

He took out of our hands

This Anglo-Saxon land

And gave us so much more

This never-ending war

And the house may stand and cheer

For that great man standing there

But there, for every one to see

The politics of poverty.

And as for his legacy

It is the march of anarchy

Because he lost sight of truth and lied

We will fight until the day we die.

All the glory and all the fame

Of all those wars within his reign

Are now like whores full of shame

For how they curse the fool that came.

So many faces of the dead

Like little children gone to bed

So many things loved ones never said

All because of the lies we were fed

And now the great man as gone

Leaving behind a sad song

But will Liberty survive?

The liberals that divide.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

All of ninety years has come and past

All of ninety years has come and past

Since I was laid beneath the grass

In that Great War that came to pass

But for me time has not run so fast

Because I can still see the faces

Of young lads with faith and graces

Of all those different races

From so many different places

That came to die among the living dead

Things that in ink and pen cannot be read

For Mother Nature brought the poppies red

In defiance of what cannot be said

Both glorious and forever sad

Like something from the Iliad

Lost forever in the dieing lad

In a world where the dead were glad

For in youth it's not easy to be bold

And fight and die among the fold

And truth was a story to be told

By those so powerful and so cold

They used the fear of shame

To try and stain the name

Of those that went insane

That could not stand the pain

That died by their country men's own hand

To have no place in a foreign land

To hear no glorious marching band

To be known as those that broke and ran

For ninety years the pain of shame

Has been laid down by their name

And by those who carry the same

Has those who came and fort in vain

But what would Athena have to say

If she could look down upon this day

Through immortal eyes of bluey gray

To see us forgive those that broke away

And forget those that held the foe at bay

For all those living souls we did betray

In the twilight of so many a day

And in their children, the men of today.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Reality in Blue

Just a casual glance

In a moment of dance

Through eyes that are so round

They are to living sight

What music is to sound

And beauty is to light.

With each angelic step

The sun will rise and set

Upon a childlike spin

Creation will begin

All beauty and all fate

She does, her self create

Just like the deep blue sea

She is forever free

Part of immortal dance

That is eternal chance.

Friday, 16 May 2008

The dawn of a new day

The dawn of a new day

In shades of blue and gray

So quickly fades away

But love will always stay

If you will live and pray

And live by what you say.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Could thee atoms expand?

Could thee atoms expand?
In the eye and the hand
And we not understand
That it all multiplies
The beauties of the sky

Multiplies and divides
The Cosmos far and wide
Makes the opposite force
Of gravity of course

And the friction between
Creates the electron screen
Around all thee atoms
As creation happens.

Could creation vibrate?
Radiate and create
All the stars of the skies
And the scars and the sighs

Could dimensions unfold?
Within the smallest globe
Within a child's dreams
Or Man's great machines

And space time spiral round
Both a smile and a frown
Could prime numbers create?
False time and random fate

No big bang to erect
Just the Brownian effect
Happening here and now
Expanding who knows how

Just like a rolling ball
Momentum is in all
Making motion of time
Out of words of a rhyme

Infinity is there
Within the smallest sphere
All creation does stand
In the palm of your hand.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Is there a place where Angels play?

Is there a place where Angels play?

Beyond the realms of night and day

Where mortal souls don't fade away

Into the shade of sad decay.

Where upon wings of snowy white

They can play to their hearts delight

Far away from cold autumn night

Out of the reach of mortal sight

Where just a casual kiss

Becomes universal bliss

Beyond the shroud of mortal woe

Where love and peace eternal flow

Like ripples on a sunlit lake

Catching the light for beauties sake

For each little wave does break

Upon the shores of life to make

For on the faith of Angels wings

All mortal dreams live and sing

Far beyond the wealth of kings

Are these funny little things.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Did birds sing to the sky?

Did birds sing to the sky?

Before they had wings to fly

Was it the idea to try?

That made them fly so high.

Did Neanderthals pray?

Before we found words to say

Evolution led the way

With faith and dreams of the day

The creatures that we find

Are created throughout time

By their creative minds

Just like the words of a rhyme

For would Christ have come to teach and cry?

If life had never reached so high

For would we have morals and love

If not for the sorrows of a dove.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

I sat below a funny tree

I sat below a funny tree

And looked upon a honey bee

The cold breeze made me shiver

He feels the wild flower quiver

For he has his place in nature

Such a humble little creature

He has an independent will

But never seems to fight or kill

How could such a thing come to be?

Out of such total poverty

How could the birds learn how to sing?

And some how live upon the wing

Without a universal light

That links all creatures in their flight.

Monday, 5 May 2008

She's in the army, Art and Poetry

She's in the army

Not to defend you and me

Not for peace to be

Not to stand up for the free

Not for love to see

But for what

She knows not

And in her eyes a sad look

For what war has took

And for lost faith hell has shook

That holds like a hook

The poor soul

Does not know

With her voice comes a soft sound

She says with a frown

And with the look of a curse

'We've made it all worse'

Then a sigh

To say why

So many dead kit and kin

In a dreadful din

For the war was just a sin

She could never win

Just a game

For the lame

For a political lie

Helicopters fly

And so many had to die

Just for a false cry

For a lie

No goodbye

Now she just tries to forget

She tries not to fret

She will have many regrets

For the mould is set

But then light

Shining bright

And she becomes part

Of the enjoyment of art

And sits like a saint

Surrounded by all her paint

But can she be free

Of Karma she sees.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

The Glowing Moon, Art and Poetry

In my room late at night

I see the moon's fated light

Its whole face was in a mirror

Not a trace of it was blurred

There a oneness I did behold

To see wonder there unfold

For light I know must travel straight

But can this be just the hands of fate

For my eyes, Sun, Moon and Earth

Must line up for this to give birth.

Is there more than light at play

In the realms of night and day

Could the atoms come together?

And at one time be so clever

Without the rhyme of light

Within the mind of sight.

Does a dragonfly live?, Art and Poetry

Does a dragonfly live?

For a moment to give

And the morning birds sing

Just so beauty can spring

And do elephants dream

Of love that's never been,

Does the swan ever sigh

Just to look, in an eye

And the albatross fear

When he sees no land near.

The great whales of the deep

What secrets do they keep?

That makes them so unique

So gentle and so meek,

For they have peace of mind

That we will never find.

Could lions and tigers

And those funny spiders

Have sad feeling like us

When their dreams turn to dust,

For are we all the same

Under the falling rain.

Does God play dice?, Art and Poetry

Does God play dice?

With clay and life

On such a scale

No one can fail.

Are their layers?

Upon layers

Of creation


Sunsets unseen

Dawns beyond dreams

Worlds spinning round

Where life is found

Just playing dice

Creating life.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Out of immortal life it came, Art and Poetry

Out of immortal life it came

The cosmos without a name

To move without regret or gain

In all and in the one the same

To expand both mild and wild

Like an ever growing child

But without sadness or pain

With a mathematical brain

Out of the darkness of space

The conscious heart came to pace

For out of the dieing suns

The elements of life does come

Out of the force of such extremes

Came the opposite it seems

To look upon the sky and sigh

And in books try to workout why

For evolution brought meaning

To a cosmos just dreaming

For now life must comprehend

No beginning without end.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

The Mona Lisa, Art and Poetry

A look in her eyes
That will never die

She will never cry
Never even sigh

A visual rhyme
Like the mountains high

Or the clouds in the sky
River running by

Leading far and wide
To the ocean side

Like the sands of time
For she stands Divine

On the shores of time
Never to be mine.