Saturday, 3 May 2008

Out of immortal life it came, Art and Poetry

Out of immortal life it came

The cosmos without a name

To move without regret or gain

In all and in the one the same

To expand both mild and wild

Like an ever growing child

But without sadness or pain

With a mathematical brain

Out of the darkness of space

The conscious heart came to pace

For out of the dieing suns

The elements of life does come

Out of the force of such extremes

Came the opposite it seems

To look upon the sky and sigh

And in books try to workout why

For evolution brought meaning

To a cosmos just dreaming

For now life must comprehend

No beginning without end.


Amit said...

came across your blog... lines that you have written are good! will the line "With a Mathematical brian" sound good if the word "Mathematical" is replaced by "rational".. just a suggestion.. hope you don't mind..

nicks art and poetry said...

Thank you for your suggestion you are right rational is a better word because it is smaller.
But in life things are not always rational, but they are always mathematical.
I am trying to make my site more popular do you have any suggestion.
I am looking for links for my blog because they will make it more search engine friendly, links to art or poetry are best.
thanks again bye!