Monday, 5 May 2008

She's in the army, Art and Poetry

She's in the army

Not to defend you and me

Not for peace to be

Not to stand up for the free

Not for love to see

But for what

She knows not

And in her eyes a sad look

For what war has took

And for lost faith hell has shook

That holds like a hook

The poor soul

Does not know

With her voice comes a soft sound

She says with a frown

And with the look of a curse

'We've made it all worse'

Then a sigh

To say why

So many dead kit and kin

In a dreadful din

For the war was just a sin

She could never win

Just a game

For the lame

For a political lie

Helicopters fly

And so many had to die

Just for a false cry

For a lie

No goodbye

Now she just tries to forget

She tries not to fret

She will have many regrets

For the mould is set

But then light

Shining bright

And she becomes part

Of the enjoyment of art

And sits like a saint

Surrounded by all her paint

But can she be free

Of Karma she sees.

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