Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Could thee atoms expand?

Could thee atoms expand?
In the eye and the hand
And we not understand
That it all multiplies
The beauties of the sky

Multiplies and divides
The Cosmos far and wide
Makes the opposite force
Of gravity of course

And the friction between
Creates the electron screen
Around all thee atoms
As creation happens.

Could creation vibrate?
Radiate and create
All the stars of the skies
And the scars and the sighs

Could dimensions unfold?
Within the smallest globe
Within a child's dreams
Or Man's great machines

And space time spiral round
Both a smile and a frown
Could prime numbers create?
False time and random fate

No big bang to erect
Just the Brownian effect
Happening here and now
Expanding who knows how

Just like a rolling ball
Momentum is in all
Making motion of time
Out of words of a rhyme

Infinity is there
Within the smallest sphere
All creation does stand
In the palm of your hand.

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