Sunday, 18 May 2008

All of ninety years has come and past

All of ninety years has come and past

Since I was laid beneath the grass

In that Great War that came to pass

But for me time has not run so fast

Because I can still see the faces

Of young lads with faith and graces

Of all those different races

From so many different places

That came to die among the living dead

Things that in ink and pen cannot be read

For Mother Nature brought the poppies red

In defiance of what cannot be said

Both glorious and forever sad

Like something from the Iliad

Lost forever in the dieing lad

In a world where the dead were glad

For in youth it's not easy to be bold

And fight and die among the fold

And truth was a story to be told

By those so powerful and so cold

They used the fear of shame

To try and stain the name

Of those that went insane

That could not stand the pain

That died by their country men's own hand

To have no place in a foreign land

To hear no glorious marching band

To be known as those that broke and ran

For ninety years the pain of shame

Has been laid down by their name

And by those who carry the same

Has those who came and fort in vain

But what would Athena have to say

If she could look down upon this day

Through immortal eyes of bluey gray

To see us forgive those that broke away

And forget those that held the foe at bay

For all those living souls we did betray

In the twilight of so many a day

And in their children, the men of today.

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Sandy said...

I love the colors in this. How beautiful!!