Thursday, 29 May 2008

When Katherine stars to sing

When Katherine starts to sing

Then creations heart will ring

And the Heavens will vibrate

With the beauty she creates

That in nature is not found

Glass will shatter at the sound

And in the light sprinkles down

Just like stars sparkling around

Within their own Heaven found

And before they reach the ground

Light will catch her eyes of blue

Life will be made one not two

Within loveliness begun

All creation will be one

Both the maker and the made

Are within this little maid

Something that will never fade

In the shadow of her shade

In the eyes of those that gaze

In the mind she does amaze

Just for a moment to see

All creation come to be

For the Gods of old will stare

At the girl with golden hair

When creative beauty brings

Life under its golden wings.

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