Wednesday, 28 May 2008

For hate will blind

For hate will blind
And fear will bind
But, truth may be unkind
For those that look to find

For could all creative thought
Be through only one mind brought
That cannot always be taught
And is at conception caught

Leaving empires in the sand
Scattered across distant lands
Created by the same hands
Of men that no longer stand

Just like Babylon before
Classical Greece is no more
And then great Rome stood so tall
But only to decline and fall

For is there an innate vice
That turns to hate and strife
For could intelligent life
Have somehow evolved twice

Or is there a genetic link?
That makes us all swim or sink
Making the great minds think
Creating in pen and ink

That creates the frills of state
And therefore seals our fate
For sinners and for saint
For those that love or hate

But if we had understood
Would we have taken the good?
Could we have saved the Golden Age?
With love and beauty not rage

And build upon shifting sands
Empires that forever stand
Against the poverty and
Suffering of every man

Or would we throw it away
Just for a moment of a day
Just to have love in our hands
To fly like a dove not a man.

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