Thursday, 29 May 2008

Can joy be put in a jar?

Can joy be put in a jar?
Or freedom bought with a car
Or love not felt from afar
With eyes that melt like hot tar?

Can the truth be remembered?
Or a lie ever forgotten
Could love be dismembered?
And life turn not rotten.

Can anyone change the past?
Or make the future come to last
But only in this moment cast
A shadow that will never pass.

Can we pair beneath the veil?
Not hearing the noisy din
Not fearing eternal hell
Seeing stillness all within.

Can the thinker of the deed,
Be the sower of the seed?
Could the doubter maker the weed
And the lover create the creed.

Can we see, oneness of it all?
Among the suns of night, the stars
And feel within this sight is more,
For the creative light is ours.

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Sandy said...

I promised myself I could go back and look at one painting of yours in your archives for right now.

I don't even know if you will see this comment but what a GREAT's so freeeeeeeeee