Saturday, 26 April 2008

Beyond The Stars, Art and Poetry

Is there a place beyond the stars?

With no trace of cities or cars

Where light does not cast a shadow

And life's not so fast and shallow

Where there is just one tree of life

That forever grows free of strife

In all directions spiral out

The celestial branches about

Where each little leaf does unfold

So that creation can be told

And all the roots are intertwined

Across the parallels of time

With the right and wrong, meek and strong

Creating a celestial song.

The pillars of creation grow

Out of darkness for light to glow

And will explorers one-day find

Such a thing within a child's mind

And find the future and the past

And all the fusion and the mass

That lights the million sun of night

In life of little Ones of light

For could we be beyond the stars

When we ponder within our cars.

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