Sunday, 31 August 2008

If only I could sleep.

The Hands of Creation.


If only I could sleep
The dreams I would reap
I would stand
On the sands
Of the Gobi!
And look out on nobody
And I would see the dawn of man
And the coming light of the Lamb
Walk with the Gods of Greece
Talk to the Hindu Priests
Fight great wars in the east
Light great firers of peace
And I would
If I could
Make love in the Indian Sun
See the beauty as the Ganges run
Feel the beauty and motion
Of the Indian Ocean
I would dance
And romance
Those Japanese Girls!
With those eyes like black pearls,
And then I would head for home
To see the glory of Rome
Fall at the face of the hoards
Like the tears of our Lord
And I’ll see
I would be
Sleeping in slumber and peace,
See the splendour that was Greece
Standing like an endless rhyme
Beyond the hands of time
But then to see a sad crime
Of the great Aryan race
Stumble and fall in disgrace.
Within stillness
I would feel this
Oneness of creation
That needs no explanation,
If only I could sleep
The dreams I would keep.


Sleeping Athena



SandyCarlson said...

I would love to see the world live its story before me and to be a part of it from the very beginning to the present. You have captured the magic here.

RiverSoul said...

Nick, you've captured the ultimate image through your art and poetry. Awesome.
Even the picture of lord Nataraj is accurate.

Jeeves said...

Very nice pics. The collage is wonderful

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness, Nick, you are so talented.... I am loving these painting and the poem just is so perfect.....

These are wonderful.....AMEN!!

Shreeja said...

nick...the painting has three faces..
one's buddha
the other nataraj
and the third is??

Diana said...

Hi Nick.....nice culmination of countries around the world....Buddha...Natraj....

Good poem dear

Diana said...

Walk with the Gods of Greece
Talk to the Hindu Priests
Fight great wars in the east
Light great firers of peace

I loved these lines

Sandy said...

Amazing poem and paintings.
What talent you have.

Cynthia said...

The Hands of Creation is a marvelously creative painting,
and Sleeping Athena is so lovely.
Your poem is epic!

Abraham Lincoln said...

I like your work. It is not only imaginative and creative but also it is well done, Nick.

Jon Cox said...


Kai C. said...


Marty said...

Thank you for this tour of world religions given in a humble and positive light.

Dew_drops said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I really enjoyed this poem. Great work.

Priya said...

Its totally awesome.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

what a dream!!!! nice work!

Janet said...

I especially like the hands of creation. nice!

magiceye said...


the sleeping athena painting is brilliant!

Janice Thomson said...

Wow this is beautiful Nick. You have captured the essence of life world wide in one unifying poem. Talented artwork too. Love this.

Crimson Shimmer said...

Aaaaagh its so beautiful :)

gkae said...

i love sleeping and dreaming, especially dreaming...