Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Love ones I've met.


Love ones I've met
Never to forget
Of such beauteous scenes
Of golden valleys and streams
Across time never ending
With light always descending
With each singularity
Creating reality,
One life slowly evolving
Species living, dissolving
To realities unseen
Universes not so mean
Where people still sit and dream
Eating strawberries and cream
Until life stands at the helm
Of a beautiful realm
Holding in its hand
The Promised Land
With no sad regret
Within a sunset.


Anonymous said...

splendid piece of art nick...
words to match too...esp the first 4 lines were magnificent...!!

Sandy said...

Nick, beautiful painting and awesome poetry~~~!

I really need to find time (which I just don't have right now), to go back through your archives....

I am so enjoying your blog.

Sandy said...

Your people are so "relatable" in ways..touches somehow a commonality in the human species.

Priya said...

One life slowly evolving
Species living, dissolving

- How true and lovely you said.

Rosy said...

Your poems I find to be inspirational to me and you art work is as lovely as it can be.

Wanda said...

You blog is so beautifully inspiring.... Thanks for letting me into your studio and heart.

gkae said...

are you alluding to something?

Crimson Shimmer said...

strawberries and cream!
yumm yumm.
i been fasting whole day.
just show me which ways that promised land.... :)

Rhiannon said...

This is just a beautiful expressive poem..I wish life were more like that..we all should make more effort to not always "make so much effort" and just "be" sometimes shouldn't we? Well written.