Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Newborn


Did all creation come about?
So that life could scream and shout
Or does life play the fiddle
Standing within its own middle
And all creation form around
Just to listen to the sound
Of the newborn baby’s cry
With the soul that wonders why
He should come to live and die
Fall in love and give a sigh.
All of nature will look down
Just to look upon his crown.
Nature will judge him the same
Whatever they call his name
Just a chance of joy or pain
Lust or peace in sun or rain
His he his own creator
Much more than a spectator
Both the breaker and maker
The giver and the taker
For does it all come about
Out of his faith and doubt


Immortal Life an oil painting on canvas



Nora said...

Charming, Nick!

gautami tripathy said...

The birth of a child never ceases to amaze us.

I like.

Sam!! said...

Such a cute sketch of a child n so your words.. :))

Take care

Sandy said...

ohhhh.... Beautiful, both pieces of art and your poem, so touching.


Vinz aka Vinu said...


nice words..!!

polona said...

oh, so lovely.

Anonymous said...

an absolutely gorgeous sketch, and an absolutely gorgeous painting. And the words - ah - so true!

SandyCarlson said...

I wish I knew the answer.

That is quite an engaging drawing of a precious child!

Rosy said...

Wonderful Wonder of such a great poem to fit any child for sure and what a match for your beautiful art as well.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

well said. something to think about.

Pris said...

I especially love Immortal Life. The colors are so vivid.

Cynthia said...

Oh my, I'm so in love with this
potrait of the little girl and
the violin, the path of flowers
surrounding her, the look of serene
concentration. Wonderful!

Wanda said...

Oh I missed so much by being out of town a few days.

I love all the new ones on this post.

The little boy is darling, and the plump women I relate too.

starry nights said...

Love the drawing and the poem,just awesome.

Devika said...

Hi Nick,

I missed so much of beauty out here..in your art and potery.. (Was away for about three weeks now)

But then I relish all, now.

The Afghan woman's eyes haunt me..
not to say, the verse too

Being childless at 40, I had begun to abandon pics of children..but the last hand sketch is simply good..and the rhyming lines offers much to think of...thanks!!

Parv Kaushik said...

the pic of the girl with violin reminds me of vincent van gogh paintings!!!

nd i had a new born in my family sum time ago.. nd i felt the same lyk ur poem!!

Diana said...

Nice poem Nick..

Rhiannon said...

In one of Depak chopra's books he writes about how we are all born completely innocent into this world...but as time goes on it is the evironment we are surrounded by that influences us and then takes away our innocence..therefore only a newborn babe is "pure"..and see's oneself,others and all surroundings as innocent,pure and beautiful...until experiences and time steal our innocence"..sad but true. This is what I feel your wonderful poem might be saying.

Part of meditation affirms our calling ourselves back to our purity as a new born babe..to see the world in a different and better light.

Wish love hope and inner peace for us all..



Anonymous said...

An excellent post and both pieces are really nice to see.

Thanks for the visit.

SandyCarlson said...

The oil painting captures a magic that is beautiful!

Kai C. said...

beautiful, sir.

:-) said...

sweet words.. n the sketch of the baby is awesome.. :-)

Dine Racoma said...

7 times i had new borns (7 kids in all) and 7 times i saw the beauty in each experience as if it were the first time.

wonderful poem, wonderful painting!

ardi k said...

Great work !!

Crimson Shimmer said...

aah lovely...

your rhyming ability is superb.

rick said...

nice work, all of this. i would like to see a lagre picture of this one.

Princess Haiku said...

I love this, Nick. BTW I saw your post at Moon River's and linked you here.