Sunday, 13 July 2008

As the sunsets on a thousand regrets.

As the sunsets
On a thousand regrets
In a veil of golden red
For the things I never said
Like tears without a trace
Or a man without a race
My heart begins to pace
Just to look upon her face
I never seen her part
Or heard her footsteps in the dark
And I never said good-bye
But I will love her till I die
And as the shadows grow
Upon my weary soul
I guess, I will never know
Why I loved her so.
In the early morning twilight
When the stars fade out of sight
Before the sun begins its flight
Across the sky so bright.
I will say a prayer for you
For the little girl I knew
And I will not be blue
For the day will begin anew.
A classical pastel drawing.

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