Friday, 26 December 2008

We only have the moment of now in our own spacetime

The dance of creation

oil on canvas

In Quantum Atom Theory we live in a Universe of multiple spacetimes and we can see these spacetimes all around us at the same time. If we look up at the stars we can look back in time through light years of space.
But when we look down into the atom we can only see probability. In Q.A.T. this is because of time dilation between the observer and the sub-atomic world. The sub-atomic particles are frozen in time relative to the observers own spacetime. All the observer will ever see is the probability of possible future events.
Only when an electron and photon comes into contact and create a new photon of light will the observer and the sub-atomic particles have the same time frame. At that moment in time two dimensional space upon the surface of the atom becomes three dimensional spacetime.
The new photon will expand out from the atom at light speed as a wave in all possible directions. When this wave comes in contact with the electrons of another object a new photon of light will be produce and this will create a new spacetime. In this way atoms create their own time and space.
However insane this theory might sound it can explain why light is a physical constant (independent of the motion of the source) and also why a sub-atomic particle can be bran new after a half-life. But above all it can explain why electron photon coupling are so important in Quantum Electrodynamics (Q.E.D.)
The great advantage of having a theory with multiple spacetimes instead of multiple universes is that we can see these spacetimes all around us in the structure of the atom and in the motion of the galaxies. This theory can easily be proven right or wrong!

diagram of electron photon coupling

We have time dilation with particles within the atom because time is being created by electron photon coupings on the surface of the atom.


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