Monday, 27 October 2008

A Theory Of Everything.

This is my theory of everything, parts of the theory are probably wrong but if they are we can always changes them. and if the whole theory is wrong we can always say it was a joke.

Quantum Atom Theory
Quantum Atom Theory is the theory that it is not just the Universe that is expanding but the atoms themselves and this creates time. This may sound odd but this theory can explain the gravitational attraction between masses of atoms. The theory is compatible with the Electromagnetic Force. It gives us a clear picture of what time is that also fits in with Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity. It also explains the uncertainty principle uniting classical mechanics and quantum mechanics.
This is a very simple theory you may think it is too simple but I believe it is also very beautiful.
We will start on the solid ground of Newton’s Third law of motion and show how this fits in with Q.A.T. and gravity.
Newton’s third law of motion,
“To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”
Gravity is the opposite reaction to the atoms expanding this is why the greater the mass of atoms the stronger the gravity.
The conscious mind feels atom expansion as time.
Newton’s Second Law of motion,
“The net force on an object is equal to the mass of the object multiplied by its acceleration”
A moving object creates its own spacetime the faster the object moves the faster time runs within that spacetime. The increase in force on the object is the opposite reaction of atom expansion in spacetime.
Newton’s First Law of motion
“A body continues to maintain its state of rest or of uniform motion unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force”
In an object at a state of rest or in uniform motion the atoms are expanding in equilibrium, only if the body come in contact with an external force will the atom expansion increase. A object has its own spacetime unless acted upon by an external object.
When two objects come into contact they create one new spacetime.
We will look at quantum mechanics and uniting it with classical mechanics later first we must have a clear understanding of Time
Time and Quantum Atom Theory
In Q.A.T. time is very easy to understand it is just the measurement of the atoms as they expand. The problem we have is that the conscious mind has evolved to see only one place at a time (time being the measurement of atom expansion) this is why we have a measurement problem. Understanding time is the key to understanding quantum mechanics. In Q.A.T. there is no absolute or universal time because the atoms expand at different speeds in different conditions this fits in with Einstein theory Special Relativity.
The conscious mind has evolved to see light in all its glory and form. Just imagine if we could stand back and look at time in the same way as we look at light. Would time expand out in all possible direction from its centre source just like light?
We can create our own light source that are independent of other light source can we do this with time?
When two independent light scores come into contact they become one is it the same for time?
In Q.A.T. the answer to these question is yes
Is light and time a particles or a wave?
In Q.A.T. life is on the crest of a wave and light is part of that wave. Time is only the measurement of the wave.
The measurement problem and Q.A.T.
"The more accurately one tries to measure the position of a particle, the less accurately one can measure its speed, and vice versa."
In Q.A.T. when we observer the particle we are seeing the expansion of atoms in spacetime. We are seeing what we measure as time but the conscious mind has evolved to be in only one place at a time. Therefore we cannot measure the position and speed of the particle. It would be like being in two places at the same time. But what we do have is a choice in the microscopic world just as we do in the macroscopic world in fact they are the same.
Brownian motion and Quantum Atom Theory
"This is a phenomenon whereby pollen grains suspended in water are observed under a microscope to bounce around erratically."
In Q.A.T. this is due because the atoms are not expanding smoothly but in quanta bursts. It is like our whole Universe is a heart beating and every beat time moves on.

The two slit experiment and Quantum Atom Theory
We can now look at the two slit experiment. But first we need to understand more about Q.A.T. so we can know what is happening before the particles reach the plate with two parallel slits cut in it. In Q.A.T. electromagnetic radiation (light ext) is creating wave after wave of possibilities this is a continuous process called stimulated emission. When these waves come in contact with an object their wave function collapses and they create a moment in time this is a continuous process that creates the arrow of time or time continuum.

Double Slit Experiment and Quantum Atom Theory
The photon will expand in all possible routes as a wave of possibilities. When it reaches the screen with the two slits the photon will react with the electrons of the screen and create a new moment in time as particles. The part of the wave that does not come in contact with the screen will expand in all possible routes going through both slits.
Between the plate with the two slits and the screen the photon will expand in all possible routes as waves of possibilities. When they reach the screen they will create a new moment in time as particles creating the interference pattern. In Quantum Atom Theory time is created by electron photon coupling. When the wave-function collapses it creates a new moment in time.
When we try to determine which slit a photon passes through the interference pattern collapses. This is because at that moment in time we create a new moment of time. Just like in Newton's first law of motion the interference pattern will continue to maintain its state unless acted upon by an external force. The only problem is the external force can only see one moment of infinity.


Sandy said...

Wow, full of info. I've always loved reading about quantum physics, well not really reading but hearing people talk it and then contemplating it.

great post, but I'll be back to re-read it slower, I skimmed through it quickly.

I just did a portrait of Einstein just last week...

Sandy said...

p.s. forgot to say how I like the art. Very soft and fluid.

SandyCarlson said...

I am thunderstruck by this wonderful work of art. Thanks, Nick!

Anonymous said...

I'll have to take your word on the theory, my brain is far too slow and ponderous to understand but the painting is beautiful.

Devika said...

Hi Nick Sir!

i am an all time physics student...and teach undergraduate children...

well, based on my undersatnding (it could be very minimal, when considering quantum mechanics) a physicist who has the eye of the universe, time, realtivity, macro, micro..can only frame these theories...

Newton, Einstein was essentialy poets, philosophers i had always felt...

so now i know, the origin of your rhymes :-))

thoroughly enjoyed the other side of Art and Poetry :-)

an all time disciple,

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

WOW! you covered it all! :)

Anonymous said...

I theory very worthy of my space-time me thinks.

Lorraine said...

Well, the only way for me to understand this is to read it without engaging my brain, that is I must understand on instinct, relatively speaking ;) Love the drawing...

Rhiannon said...

You lost me after the first paragraph! However it seems like you are quite intellectual. I'm impressed.

Being a right brainer I tend to go on a more emotional intelligence, so I do appreciate people going in the opposite direction like you! I'm dyslexic also just like you. Einstein was also I believe.

I just love the painting it's so very very beautiful.. Great job!

Thank you for your thoughtful kind comment on my blog post. It was very much appreciated.

Hope you have a great week.



Vinz aka Vinu said...

you write well and narrate well.

Devika said...

Hi Nick!

I only saw the painting now...that day, i was just caught by the physicist (or the physician, the two mean the same to me -- i am also inclined to build my own theories:-))

the painting is too good, i should say..but the poor woman looks a bit crank! like me!?

i never thought i'll write so free here...but in a swirl i gained some strength i should say :-)


this Rhiannon -- caught me before also. at Andrew's? she 'seems' to talks need to meet her..may be weekend..
i'm thankful to you..because its through you I reached Wanda..these days my Sunday Sister..we used to call our convent teachers as sisters or miss(if she's not a nun)

Wanda said...

I am a simple woman...and your theories are far beyond my intelligence... but if this wonderful mind of your's produces these amazing painting... I will take you at your word, and say Amazing!! You are amazing.


I didn't know that Devika had come to my blog through yours. She is a sweet and interesting person.

Kylita said...

Sort've reminds me of an old Firesign Theatre quote (if I remember back that far) "How can you be two places at once when you're not anywhere at all?" OR it's like we're always everywhere and the here and now is also there and then, eh?
I do love to ponder quantum-ish stuff ... and whether I comprehend it or not, it's what my dreams are made of...all of us vibrating in many different directions at once and yet we think we are all solitary matter...hmmmmmmmm ^;^
SisSTAR KLH (keep laughin' honey)
(the painting is wonderful)

Justyn said...

Hey, Nick.

Glad you're following the blog, I don't mean to let you down, however, but it's more or less just to post everyday stuff to my friends, haha.

I save the physics-y and math-y stuff for my lj, which I kind of abandoned.

Anyway, I skimmed through it, and it looks like you've covered all the bases, however, as a physics student, I've heard a few TOE's, and counterpoints.

I don't think I've heard this one EXACTLY as you've explained it, but I do have a couple questions.

When you say "..but the atoms themselves [are expanding] and this creates time."

Do you mean the elementary elements within an atom are actually expanding? Or rather, the electrons are moving away from the Nucleus?

The Penguin said...

I'm not sure what your theory is trying to do here? If you haven't read 'There is a grandeur in this view of life' post this month, then that will probably explain what follows.

The penguin has done his best to take this seriously :) but any new scientific theory should explain observations which existing theories don't or explain them better :)

1) Newton has been overtaken, by general concensus, by general relativity which no longer separates time from space and so, your theory in making them two separate things again (and whatever you may say, you have :), one arising from the expansion of the other, it would need to explain a lot more than it does at present :) eg how do singularites develop if all the atoms are expanding in 'space' or even space-time?

2) Contrary to popular belief, Einstein did not win the Nobel Prize for Special or General Relativity, he won it for a paper on Brownian Motion. There is, as far as I am aware, no experimental evidence to suggest that Einstein's interpretation of what is going on is flawed within conventional quantum mechanics and I don't see that expanding atoms are necessary.

You also need to explain the mechanism whereby the three atoms in a water molecule expand in 'lock step' with each other so that the shared electrons do not end up only in one atom or another, which would break the bond and would make water completely unstable and much rarer than it appears to be to this penguin :).

3) Quantum Electrodynamics itself says light quanta travel all available paths, except, as your theory doesn't, it also explains why light appears to travel in a straight predictable path. (The probability amplitudes of 'most paths' cancel each other out - Feynman's 'sum over histories')

Your two slit explanation also postulates 'two' quanta from one, that would require one quantum of energy which would have to be borrowed and given back, acceptable within the limits of the uncertainty principle but you appear to have abandoned that :) So you are going to need to generate a way of explaining the inherant uncertainty of quantum mechanics not just the single example you have chosen. For example, how does your theory explain that there is only a statistical probablity of a particular outcome/event but that probablity can be both calculated and tested experimentally.

You also need to calculate whether the energy required to produce your 'second' photon needs to be returned before or after it hits the screen, if before - no interference.

More plausible to this penguin is one photon 'smeared' in space-time.

4) Expanding atoms goes against the experimental evidence which indicates that the strong force which binds the nucleus together is only effective at short range, your theory would require it to grow as 'distance' increased, otherwise the nucleus would 'fall apart'. As importantly if only the electron 'cloud' is expanding the atom would eventually cease to be an atom, merely a nucleus, nothing would hold the electrons in orbit.

I could go on :) but to challenge the standard quantum mechanical view, you will need to provide some sound mathematical equations which will allow us to predict the rate of expansion of any atom at any energy range and also an experiment to enable us to detect the expansion and measure its rate otherwise this is just so much 'creation science' isn't it?:)

Oh, and thanks for the kind words on the pic. There's another in 'Jean-Paul vs Albert, Rain stopped play' in September

Art and Poetry said...

Justyn- its a good question, I'm only an artist but the atoms must have a way of projecting their self into the future. I believe the atom is infinite and that the elementary elements are waves creating their own spacetime.
But we just see a moment of this and what are we?

Thank you everyone for your comments.

Anonymous said...

I was looking to see something about fractal geometry which is an amazing study of measurements among other things.

Devika said...

Hi A&P

With reference to Justin’s doubt …I think what you say makes sense..

According to the theory of unity, which merged when Einstein used Max Planck's quantum hypothesis, suggests unity between subatomic particles and electromagnetic waves ---called wave–particle duality, and considers that particles and waves were neither one nor the other, but had certain properties of both...

quantum and relative are not cohesive -- Einstein also believed so i suppose...

Concept of time - if seen as a linear, unidirectional wave: the particles or the wave itself need only be seen as repositioning of partiles along the path of the wave, which itself is in motion, I think… But expansion of particles at photonic, subatomic and atomic level I think is confirmed by empirical studies…

I don’t know if I made any sense…because combining general relativity with quantum physics is one of the most difficult areas for me..I choose to go with general relativity, where concepts are much simpler...

I thought I will say this --its better to talk follies than to keep mum..atleast some else will clear the misconcepts...

i could never cross the undergraduate studies in physics...because I myself turned to civil engineering for my graduation...i keep reading..but some concepts are highly entangling...


Devika said...

I just seen Penguin's comment

Eistein received Nobel Prize for Photo-electric effect
But all text books here,state Einstein received Nobel Prize "for his study of Relativity"

His work on the photoelectric effect in early 1900s was recognised in 1921/22 --- they say was a politial ploy (Nazi/Jew clash), because Einstein's theory overturned Newton's...

in our shools children are now told the exact picture..we all studied as above quoted..

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... That is a very interesting post, but I am not sure you are fully grasping the concepts behind quantum mechanics.

I would recommend reading a calculus-level physics book (if you have had calc), or "A Brief History of Time" and "Quarks and Leptons: An Introductory Course in Modern Particle Physics." These books will give you a broader background on what quantum physics and quantum mechanics entail.

Bill said...

squealing brakes
at the intersection
a moment of infinity

(Just wanted you to know I'm awake.)

Ellis said...

Well, I'm the wrong guy to confirm your theory, I am only starting to understand quantum mechanics. Good luck with the theory.

gkae said...

law of inertia--it holds true literally and figuratively.

The Penguin said...

Thank you Devika, you are quite right, or at least that was the one specific thing included, I believe, in the citation. Strange why the other should stick in my mind, although I seem to recall a 1905 paper but perhaps that's an illusion too :)

Art and Poetry said...

Penguin- thanks for the comment
1. Objects have their own spacetime and Newtons laws work within that spacetime.
You cannot have a singularity in infinity.
Gravity has an infinite range
Electromagnetism has an infinite range
Time has an infinite range
2. Einstein has his own spacetime and only if he comes in contact with the spacetime of the two slit experiment will he change it.
3. I was only using light to explanin how time works.
Probabilities are relities in their own spacetime, I feel like a smeared photon sometimes!
4. This is true! "the nucleus would fall apart" but atoms are like gyroscopes holding themselves together in their own spacetime.

Art and Poetry said...

Devika- In Q.A.T. Everything is a wave in spacetime, wave- particle duality is because of the conscious mind only seeing one crest of a wave within its own created spacetime.

I am pleased that you and Wanda have become friends!

Art and Poetry said...

Gabriel- The Brief History of Time is a Great book! but does it say what time is?
Mathematics is very beautiful! but when you are working with infinity you will always have numbers over.

Two brains are better than one it is nice to have you here?

Kathiesbirds said...

That's a lot to process but it is a subject I am interested in. I love the illustration, so beautiful with its rainbow of colors and the sense of motion and light.

Devika said...

Hi Nick!

Oh my ..wasn't that my favourite writer Virgina's 'Wolfe's vision ...even in one of the biography i read about that ...

the problem is that I tend to forget the past lessons and lack a future vision of harmony...though I keep dreaming it...may be concious mind cannot envision that harmony anymore...

But as Virginia said...'Let us retain whatever made that harmony’
but seemingly I am unfit to be in a harmonious note..anyway

oh my --Wanda - i forgot to meet her today...last night, i don;t know what i told her in some trance...

but yeah...even i'm glad, in fact i'm obliged -- else y'day it would all have ended...

@ Penguin: Thank you for letting me know..the year 1905 -- i like history but forget years of happening :-)


polona said...

wow, this was some interesting read, and i mean your theory but also the comments.

unoDude Thinking said...


Slit experiment? It's just saw something about that on Discovery-HD the other day. Did you know that the double slit experiment can also be performed (using different apparatus) with particles of matter such as electrons with the same results, demonstrating that they also show particle-wave duality.

Art and Poetry said...

Unodude thinking- Yes I do know this the whole point of Q.A.T. is that there is no difference between the microscopic and macroscopic world.

Devika said...

Hi Nick!

Enough of this theory sir..:-)

lets see Time in Motion

at 'Certain Kind of Woman'
posted one today..

wishes Nick, my virtual guru

Cynthia said...

Beautiful painting, I feel the
painting shows how we each have
an aura that resonates with others
and echoes out into the world.

Art and Poetry said...

Thanks everyone! for your comments it means a lot to me, I will try to make my posts smaller in the future. I don't like large posts myself.

The Penguin said...

Penguin- thanks for the comment

You're welcome!

1. Objects have their own spacetime and Newtons laws work within that spacetime.

Not if there's a very massive body around they don't!

You cannot have a singularity in infinity.

You can have ANYTHING in an infinity. otherwise it's not infinity, is it?

Gravity has an infinite range

But gets weaker with distance

Electromagnetism has an infinite range

But gets weaker with distance

Time has an infinite range

You haven't proved time exists. I'm willing to be corrected but aren't all quantum equations time invariant? Feynman/Wheeler on positrons?

4. This is true! "the nucleus would fall apart" but atoms are like gyroscopes holding themselves together in their own spacetime.


Sorry, I'm in a particularly 'picky' mood this evening

Art and Poetry said...

Polona- I found the comments more interesting than the theory! but the point of the theory is that atoms can create more interesting things within their own spacetime and we are made of atoms.

Art and Poetry said...

Penguin- Aobject has its own spacetime unless it comes in contact with a external force (a small or massive body). Have a look at A new look at Time on the side of my blog.
Yes you can have anything in an ininity! but in that singularity you will have everything. by this I mean there can be no singularity at the beginning of time or the Universe.
Gravity, Electromagnetism and timeget weaker with distance? yes and no, its a good question! in Q.A.T. you have an infinity of spacetimes, opportunities all around you! you create your own time, gravity and electromagnetism in your own way. The law of 'Conservation of Energy' will apply for each spacetime.
Yes time exist! I am just tring to explain how it is created and how different spacetimes react with each other.
4. All parts of the atom move through time together. Everything in the Universe is energy, energy always expands in some way.
All energy has a way of holding its self together, Gyroscopes are a good example of this how clever they are!

Anonymous said...

good read, post more!