Sunday, 5 October 2008

The poetry of the Rose

Oil painting on canvas

The beauty of the Rose
Is that it never knows
The colours that unfold
In the eye that beholds
But grows towards the light
Without the joy of sight
She lives for beauties sake
And gives more than she takes
She leaves much more behind
Than Man will ever find
And is forever one
With the stars, rain and sun
For the clouds of the sky
Will tell her no lies,
The shadows on the fields
Will bring her no ills
She never feels the cold
Or needs the skill to hold
More than this moment now
And never wonders how
The mighty wind does blow
Or the great rivers flow
But is part of the whole
That is forever so



Art and Poetry said...

This is an old one from my archive I have repeated it because nothing will rhyme at the moment.

Lorraine said...

Oh my version does not even get close to this wonderful, heartwarming, spiritual poem...I'm so glad you re-posted it, it IS that fabulous, bravo :)

Priya said...

It is really beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous painting and a lovely classical poem woven round an elegant idea. Very nice, the poem is like the vase holding the flowers.

kouji said...

lovely lines and art. :)

Rosy said...

This is a very lovely roses so well done too.

Yer welcome I am glad that I could help you out with finding a dog photo, also just to let you know I had also uploaded two more head-shots of Porky.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

lovely! :)

Sandy said...

What a gorgeous painting and beautiful poem. I really enjoyed this.

Wordcrafter said...

Nice pairing of this painting and poem.

Vinz aka Vinu said...

enjoyed, totally..!!

Diana said...

Nick, paint the roses in would look more beautiful.....wonderful poetry

SandyCarlson said...

How we love it so! That's a lovely painting, and the poem tells me why the rose is the queen of the garden!

gautami tripathy said...

As I had not read it, it is new for me. It lifts up the spirits.

Whem rhyming does not come, write free verse...

Devika said...

That was just refreshing!:-)
lovely is the rhyme as the rose in the painting!
see more of yours!

Anonymous said...

Roses, by Nature, are not my favorite flowers but this one you did is very nice and the poetry makes it doubly nice to see and read.

Wanda said...

You can paint anything....Can I say again, I think everything you do is marvelous.

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

I don't know which is prettier,the painting or the poem :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I ment to say this before, but I haven't been able to rhym for 20 years! :)

Art and Poetry said...

Andrew, it is not unusual most people cannot rhyme. I cannot write free verse and that is unusual. Given the choice I would rather be able to write free verse than rhyme,it would be more useful.

Devika said...

Hi Art and Poetry/Andrew !

free verse is 'useful'? I do not get that, fully...!

Me, a fan of yours, has a request- Please do not opt the choice of writing free verse for rhymes..atleast you! The loss is ours..There's so little of rhymes around...

For free verse -- Andrew writes too well -- and I am fan of him for that. May be many more write that...(and if nothing is avaiable I will write my own and have a good laugh (at me) atleast:-))

While writing free verse is so easy, hiding 'poetry' within is so hard...Andrew does it so well...

I love them so much as I love your rhymes..and I sincerely request while two of you may take chance with either forms, please, please do not dump one form for the other...

They are so 'useful' or purposeful in their own premises..

but would love to see the two of you trying hands here and there...with rhymes and free verse :-)

i am kind of a 'wordy' person, as Borut says of him..sorry if I'd trespassed here to talk to two of you..i hope you wouldn't mind, Nick.. :-)

see you both again!

:-) said...

WOW.. da paintin is breath takin n ur words compliments it beautifully.. :-)

starry nights said...

love,love this rose poem.

Art and Poetry said...

devika, if you can write free verse you can write anything and that must be very useful.

thanks for the comment everyone.

manivannan said...

Hi friend,

A painting as beautiful as the poem.... a poem as beautiful as the painting... How am I to put it?

I also liked the other paintings and poems. Beautiful blog.

I also welcome you to my space.

happy blogging,

Devika said...

Hi Nick!
I seen your comment on my mail that day..but missed to reply!

thank you so much for the confidence you instill, but I ought to be knowing my limitations :-)

thanks again,