Monday, 13 October 2008

Each candle flame.

Audrey Hepburn and baby
oil painting

Each candle flame that shines so bright
A channel to a realms of light
Will open to the hearts delight
Creating light for its’ own sight
Within each little flame that burns
Is a whole universe that yearns
And all of creation turns
Around the moment life learns
That the reaction of kindness
Through distant time redefined us
For the greatest thing to change
Is our self to rearrange
Is it the individuals’
Faith that creates universal
Grace out of the littlest thing
Could all infinity spring?


A moment of kindness

Oil painting



Sandy said...

Your paintings and this poem...are wonderful! I LOVE this poem.

Tender beautiful paintings.

Kai C. said...

beautiful, sir

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous paintings and beautifully made poem.

Wanda said...

Such gentle and touching emotions. Paintings and verse....stunning.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

wonderful though and questions - very well said!

Rosy said...

How long have you been painting?

Your art work is so very wonderful each time I come here I am left speechless.

The poem is also very wonderful tonigh too.

kouji haiku said...

especially slick oil paintings. :)

Devika said...

For the greatest thing to change
Is our self to rearrange?
Grace out of the littlest thing
Could all infinity spring?

Nick, how you rhyme with the most tough questions of human experience!

I just fall flat here...a bow is so less to express my admiration!

loved the painting..soft and kind!

see again!

PS: A certain kind has a new one. Not sure whether to invite, still :-)

Art and Poetry said...

Rosy- I have be painting for about four years now. I started painting after illness I had kidney problems. I am quite lucky really because I would not have started painting or writing rhymes without the illness.

Devika said...

Hi Nick!

Reading our response to Rosy...

I was wondering -- you and Andrew (i read him in a comment elsewhere) both have gone through illnesses....

and the two of you bring gems of poetry, human experience to share with the world..

thank you for the light you spread!


Lorraine said...

Kindness, you say it, you show it in so many delightful ways, how wonderful Nick :)

wordcrafter said...

Lovely and tender.

RiverSoul said...

I have once again been left speechless. . .
Such amazing poetry. Such lifelike oil paintings. . . .
Hats off to you.

Btw, i'm sorry hearing,about ur illness. Glad you're ok now.
Keep rocking, bro.

Diana said...

Within each little flame that burns,
Is a whole universe that yearns,
And all of creation turns,
Around the moment life learns.

Beautiful Nick.

Anonymous said...

These are very pretty oil paintings. The colors are so soft and pastel like. It would seem more like watercolors or pastels. You do good work.

polona said...

so lovely, the words and the paintings...

Priya said...

Lovely painting. Act of kindness realms thru the candle light waiting either for the wind or a change of heart.

Rhiannon said...

Audrey did a lot for children and people in countries where they lived in such poverty. She was a wonderful soul.

You obviously have a great admiration for Ms. Hepburn.



Sam!! said...

Sucha a beautiful paintings.. n a lovely poem..


Take care

jyotsana said...

love the poem and the paintings. nice coming here. thnx u visited my blog due to which i could b here.

Anonymous said...

excellent post !

Mythily said...

Good one...

Mythily said...

Good one...

SandyCarlson said...

I want to say YES to that final question. How beautiful, Nick.

Known Stranger said...

nice one. i come to your page after a long time. nice painting with apt poem

Cynthia said...

A wonderful painting of Audrey H.
you've got a hold of her look of
kindness, she was actually someone
whose actions matched her words.

Janice Thomson said...

The paintings are beautiful Nick - you have indeed captured that special compassion that was the essence of Audrey.
Wonderful poem - loved your thoughts here.

Gauri Gharpure said...

touching words, these...

Princess Haiku said...

Spider chrysanthemums don't grow into bonsai's. However, my flute teacher grows bonsai's and if you look up "bonsai" in my keywords you will find links to many photos of his tiny trees. They are quite amazing. Thanks for visiting.

Kathiesbirds said...

This is so poignant! I love the play of light on her skirt and I can feel the softness of the horse's face!