Thursday, 6 November 2008

A whole Universe for each atom

Spacetime created by an atom

· This diagram shows the whole Universe but only for one atom. Using only one atom makes it easier to visualize.
· Time slow down for the atom as it accelerates towards the seed of light.
· The atom creates its own spacetime that will speed up as the atom accelerates.
· Feedback is created in the real Universe by other atoms.
· Time will stop at the speed of light because everything that can happen is happening in the atom’s own spacetime.
· This is because of the ‘Law of conservation of energy’ (in an isolated system the total amount of energy remains constant and cannot be created, although it may change form).
· In the real Universe feedback will create infinity but the Law of conservation of energy will always remain true.
· It makes you wonder what kind of God could create such a Universe!

An atom in its own spacetime.


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Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Bindblowing! Except for a few typo errors (sorry to point that out)
Nice blog! First time here!
The post makes me wonder abt the whole concept and how you've tried explaining it! Good one.

Sachin Malhotra said...

nice blog...
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thank you.....

Sandy said...

Time slows down for the atom as it accelerates toward the speed of light. Fascinating ..explains why sometimes when one if totall focused and time seems to slow down, what we are doing is traveling closer to point zero...

or something like that. That's what came to me anyway...

So wouldn't that be in a sense collapsing time and space...

...hmmmm...I think I'm getting ahead of myself. I enjoyed totally reading this..

Anonymous said...

Where did this diagram come from? Why does time stop for the atom once it reaches the speed of light (and speed relative to what?)

Devika said...

Hi Nick!

The most simple and the most profound thoery i have ever come across.

thank you, sir :-)

what kind of God-- perhaps the lesser gods and goddesses that we are could :-)


Art and Poetry said...

G.M.F.- This is my own diagram. Einstein said that time will stop at the speed of light. I believe time is created by atom expansion or projection (see Q.A.T. below).
As the atom accelerates it creates its own spacetime this spacetime is relative only to the atom itself.

Art and Poetry said...

Sandy-In Q.A.T. as a group of atoms you will create your own spacetime, but you will have feedback from other groups of atoms.(this is only a theory).
In quantum mechanics there is something called wavefunction collapse. Some people have said this might happen in meditation, but as you said we are getting ahead of ourself here.

Art and Poetry said...

V.L.- Typo errors?

The post will not make much sense without reading the previous post on Q.A.T. or a least the small peace on Time at the side of blog.

Art and Poetry said...

Devika- understanding the science behind the theory is what we will find difficult.
Have you tried coloured glasses yet?


it was a dificult one for me..i have to go through quantum physics basics to understand that..
updated mine..

Beatrice V said...

Great post Nick, looking forward to a painting inspired by this perhaps?

Sam!! said...

Hi Nick,

Thanks for such an informative post.. u have explained it so well.. quite easy to understand.. :))

Take care

Kai C. said...

very interesting!

Lorraine said...

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SandyCarlson said...

I begin to understand these ideas more and more as I read your blog. Thanks for this help!

Diana said...

Interesting Nick....Took me some time to understand though

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


Anonymous said...

One of these days some scientist will discover something humans don't understand is proof of God.