Sunday, 8 June 2008

What would Socrates have said?

What would Socrates have said
If he could look inside are heads
To look upon the human mind
That creates the world we find

To see the ruins of Greece
Through the tears of unbelief
To see what we have done
To this land under the Sun

To see us on the cosmic shore
And not venture out to explore
But just look with such contempt
At such natural beauties sent

To destroy this sacred Earth
That gave us life through birth
To declare war on nature's law
By far the greatest sin of all

For when we split the atom
No one really knows what happens
Do we kill life that's never been?
Maybe universes unseen

To pull down the wise and true
To build upon a lie, the new
Not to recognize the innate
Until it was far to late

To destroy the living flame
And disappear from where we came
Dissolving into fear and pain
Never to be seen again.

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