Thursday, 5 June 2008

The early riser

The early riser
Will be the wiser
And the early bird
Will be the one heard
The cleverest one
Will start very young
For with peace of mind
You will always find
The beauty of art
That comes from the heart
In paint or charcoal
New or classical
To do what you love
See the beauty of
Starting with the new
Be forever true
As each moment comes
Just reach for the sun
And life will unfold
Like light upon gold
Don't be sad with loss
Or mad with your boss
To be save in wealth
Is not faith and health
Money will not feed
Those that are in need.
But what can we do?
If I only knew
How to take the strong
And then build upon
All the souls that weep
Those that cannot reap.
But will wisdom find
Something for mankind
For the one and all
Those that only fall
Like leaves from a tree
We are one you see
For creation rose
Upon your nose.

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