Friday, 26 June 2009

The source of the gravitational force

Quantum gravity diagram

Quantum Atom Theory

In Quantum Atom Theory electromagnetic radiation creates Einstein's curvature of spacetime creating the gravitational force. Because it is impossible to achieve absolute zero everything is radiating EMR continuously creating a chain reaction of photon electron couplings called stimulated emission. Everything is radiating light spheres of quantized wave fronts and when the wave fronts of two spheres come in contact. We will have destructive interference and the wave fronts out of phase will cancel each other out. There will also be constructive interference between the wave fronts that are in phase and they will superimpose or amplify. The radiating energy will be entirely absorbed proportionally to the masses within the objects. This will course an unbalanced force and the two objects will resonate together in a process commonly known as gravity.

Because atoms consists mostly of empty space EMR of short wave length like x-rays can penetrate the objects and therefore every single part of matter can take part in the gravitational interaction. The gravitational field will propagated at the same
speed that EMR moves, the speed of light therefore there is no instantaneous action at a distance.
We have the Inverse Square Law because the surface area of the light sphere increases with the square of the radius. Thus the strength of the gravitational field is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source.

In Quantum Atom Theory the light spheres of EMR that create the gravitational fields that hold the Planets in motion around the Sun are also the same light spheres that we have in quantum physics. These light spheres are a mathematical quantity known as the “wavefunction” and are symbolized by the
Greek letter

It is this wavefunction that continuously creates Einstein’s curvature of spacetime at the quantum level of the atoms. Each atom will radiate out light sphere of quantized wave fronts. Each expanding wave front will create a probability of a future event. When a wave front comes in contact with electrons on the surface of another atom the wave-particle duality of the light will collapse. This will create a new quantum particle (photon) in space and a new moment in time that will be part of the curvature of spacetime.

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