Thursday, 3 September 2009

Time the entanglement of quantum mechanics

video explaining Quantum Atom Theory

The quantum wave particle function of quantum physics.


The entanglement of quantum mechanics.

The Uncertainty Principle of quantum mechanics,
to have an angle in space you have
to also have a curvature
in spacetime


The Uncertainty Principle of quantum mechanics is the same
uncertainty the observer will have with any future event

Quantum gravity, The Inverse Square Law

Quantum gravity, even a child's toy spinning top will form its own spacetime geometry relative to its position and momentum creating its own gravitational field.


Because light is electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum the process of the outward momentum of time and the inward force of gravity is visible to us.


The quantum wave particle function represents the universal dynamically evolving geometry of spacetime. In the form of ever expanding spherical quantized wave fronts that the observer can participate in.


The observer as a group of atoms is the only true reference frame because they are creating their own future spacetime geometry therefore we have relativity.



Kai C. said...

hi how are you?
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Ben Gage said...

great blog, will have to revisit to get it, I like that you're trying to tie it all together..

Patrick Maclean said...

seems to explain the expansion and contraction of the universe. With the singularity being the big bang at the end of the contraction and beginning of expansion. The endless cycle of the universe.