Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Quantum Mechanics, Time dilation an artist interpretation

Quantum Mechanics time dilation an artist interpretation.


The symmetry of Time and the broken symmetry of Spacetime.

Time moves at the speed of light and energy and mass slow it down to form their own spacetime geometry.

Time is only relative to the de Broglie wavelength of the object creating the spacetime.


The Beauty of a broken symmetry



Adam Schwankl said...

Nice work man! very interesting. I have to spend more time really grasping what you are talking about.
I looked at your blog briefly last night before I went to bed and my mind was churning...
Why do we still perceive time even when there is no light like in a room that is pitch dark?
My understanding from watching your video briefly was that time arose and was projected forward when light hit an object.. but what if there is no light?

Adam Schwankl said...

Why does an observer observe time even when there is no light, like in a pitch dark room?

Art and Poetry said...

Thanks for the comment; we perceive time even in the pitch dark because it is impossible to achieve absolute zero. Our eyes only see a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Even though we can’t see it all objects radiate electromagnetic radiation continuously. There is always light only on the surface of a black hole will light be turned back in on itself by gravity. Therefore time is stopped on the surface of a Black Hole relative to an observer outside the gravitational field. At very low temperatures superconductivity will occur distorting the geometry of spacetime and time will slow down. But if we cannot achieve absolute zero it will not stop.

Wrenches said...

I've seen some pictures of wrenches. It was some case of modern art .

Anonymous said...

I don't Understand 2:37 what is a photon electron coupling and why does it cancel the interfering pattern.