Sunday, 12 September 2010

A physical reason for mathematical infinity
A link to videos on Quantum Atom Theory and artist theory on the Arrow of Time.


We have mathematical infinity in many forms. We have the infinite series of whole numbers and the infinite series of irrational numbers like pi.

There is also infinity between each whole number that can always be divided into ever smaller parts

If the laws of mathematics are true and linked to the law of nature and physics then these mathematical infinities must represent something in the physical reality of our Universe.

In a new theory called Quantum Atom Theory these mathematical infinities are formed by a continuous process at the quantum level.

Light or electromagnetic waves are continuously collapsing into photons of quantized energy forming new waves of future probability. We feel this process as the forward passage of time that form the geometry or curvature of spacetime.

It is because we can choose where and when to come in contact with the wave-function collapsing the light waves of EMR into quantum particles (photons) that we can create our own spacetime geometry this is why we have free-will.

The reason why we can always divide infinity into sets of infinities is because of this continuous process of the wave-particle function collapsing into new quantum particles of space and time. Because of this we have a continuous expansion at the quantum level that forms the continuum of time and the geometry of spacetime that can always be divided into sets of infinities.

The explanation is very simple a mathematician will continuously form his own spacetime geometry just like any other object in our Universe. Therefore it is only natural that he will be able to divide that geometry into infinitely smaller parts. We are all active participants in the dynamics of our Universe.

It is because this process is continuous that our number system is infinite and we have the infinite series of whole numbers. We have irrational numbers like pi because of the physical shape of the wave-function (spherical or inverse sphere) that forms the arrow of time.

In this theory Schrödinger’s equation does not just predict what the wave-function will be in the future, but this process represents the forward passage of time itself photon by photon or moment by moment.

The probability of the wave-function only works forward in time. We can always calculate backwards and see the position and momentum of a quantum particle in the past.

This is precisely the same as our everyday experience of nature and time, moving from a known past into an uncertain future!

Therefore Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and the probability of the wave-function are the same uncertainty that we have with any future event.

I have tried to make this theory as simple as possibly in the belief that everyone should be able to understand it; a correct theory should be based on simplicity, symmetry and beauty.



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I realize the validity of your analysis of the effects of Schrödinger's wave equation, but don't you feel like the effects of forward photonic acceleration in a planar environment introduce far too much of an uncertainty in the time dilation field to make significant observations of it's pseudo-symmetrical effects?

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