Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Rainbows, Photons and Wave Particle Duality an artist theory on the paradoxes of Quantum Physics

Video on an alternative view of Quantum Mechanics and of reality itself

Everyone see their own rainbow! In just three dimensions relative to the angle they are looking at it. Two people in different positions will see the same rainbow in different position in the sky at the same time. This could just be an optical illusion; just a trick of the light or it could represent something fundamental in the dynamics of light and time.

You might be thinking that this is just because all the angles are changing and that everything is relative and you will be right. But the wavelengths (colours) of the light are moving in unison because light is a universal constant independent of the source and the observer.

In Quantum Atom Theory the speed of light is a universal constant because each new photon particle of light is also a new moment in time that forms geometry of spacetime.

The waves of light will only collapse into photons when they come into contact with the atoms of an object. Therefore the atoms of the human eye will collapse the wave function just like any other object.

In this theory beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder!

We see and feel this continuous alternating between wave and particle as the continuous flow of time. Just like the tick tock, tick tock of a clock the continuous wave particle, wave particle represents the physical flow of time itself!

Therefore we have causality in a Universe of continuous creation or change where the possible can become the actual.

A link to more videos on Quantum Atom Theory



silentbob14 said...

Interesting post :) Cheers

Donnetta said...

Veeeery interesting. I'm been reading about quantum theory for years now. But haven't read this before. Will go back and follow that link. Thoughtful. D