Saturday, 12 November 2011

Why does Time seem to flow like a river?

Albert Einstein and the probability wave function of quantum physics.

A link to the video 'Why does Time seem to flow like a river?'

An artist theory on the physics of Time

In a new theory ‘Quantum Atom Theory’ it is continuous flow of light waves that forms the flow of Time ∆E ∆t ≥ h/2π. If our eyes were more sensitive to the different wavelengths of light we would be able to see that everything is radiating light wave of electromagnetic radiation continuously.

The continuous inward absorption and outward emission of light forms what we see and feel as the continuous flow of time itself!

The forward passage of Time unfolds light photon by light photon moment by moment.

Each object or observer will radiate out light waves of EMR forming the Arrow of Time for that individual object or observer within their own reference frame.

This process of continuous energy exchange continuous change we see and feel as the flow or continuum of time itself and we can interact with it turning the possible into the actual!

Just as an object on the surface of water will interact with the water forming ripples relative to their own position and momentum.

We can all choose when and where we interact with the particle-wave duality of light forming new waves relative to our own actions or position and momentum forming our own future.

In this theory the physics of our everyday life arise out of an interaction between photons, electrons and our atoms.

The uncertainty of our everyday life is formed by the probability of Quantum Physics. Therefore Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle ∆×∆p×≥h/4π that is formed by the wave function is the same uncertainty we have with any future event.

Everything has wave-particle duality.

We are waves over a period of time and we have particle characteristics in the ‘moment of now’. When light comes in contact with electrons forming a photon-electron coupling and particle characteristics within our own ref frame.

But people have asked the question "what is waving?"

This is like asking what the quantum wave particle function explained by Schrödinger’s wave equation represents

In this theory the quantum wave particle function represents the flow of Time itself!

It is a probability wave representing the potential of a future event.

Life creates its’ own ripples in the fabric of spacetime.

The quantum wave-particle function forms matter antimatter annihilation the movement of electric charge with the formation and flow of electromagnetic fields.

The whole process represents the forward flow of time new photon oscillations forms new waves of future probability and antimatter annihilation represents the past with the continuous flow of electromagnetic fields in three dimensional space.

It is because atoms and therefore groups of atoms create their own spacetime (rate that time flows relative to their energy or mass) that we have magnetic and electric fields. The atoms distort the geometry of spacetime creating time variations between and within objects. It is time variations within magnetic fields that act as a source for electric fields and time varying electric fields is the source of the magnetic fields. When one field is changing in time, then a field of the other is induced. This will be relative to the position and momentum of the objects creating the time variation, the atoms themselves, you and me.

This forms a continuous flow of energy a process of continuous change, continuous creation that we see and feel as the Time continuum or flow of Time itself!

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