Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Cosmology of Quantum Atom Theory. The Spherical Universe an artist theory on the physics of time.

An expanding spherical Universe an inverse sphere of probability.

In Quantum Atom Theory time is an emergent property arising naturally.
Each moment of time is linked to the Planck constant h/2π it is a constant of action in the flow of time. Light radiates out in all directions forming a sphere 4π.
At the level of quantum mechanics this forms the spherical shape of the quantum wave particle function Ψ.
This w-function forms Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle ∆×∆p×≥h/4π that is the same uncertainty we have with any future event within our own reference frame.
When the light wave comes in contact with electrons around atoms it forms new photon oscillation. This creates matter antimatter annihilation in just one direction (the arrow of time) the antimatter is always annihilated. The wave structure of matter (electrons) moves forward in space and time!
Each new light photon oscillation represent a new moment in time with a new wave function of potential future probability!
The quantum wave particle function Ψ represents the forward passage of time ∆E ∆t ≥ h/2π itself photon oscillation by photon oscillation within an individual reference frame.

There is an infinite number of ref-frames therefore there is no one time line for the whole Universe.
We have a universal process of spherical symmetry forming and breaking for the whole universe at all levels of creation.
In Quantum Atom Theory the spontaneous emission of light forms the organization (spherical symmetry) for the spontaneous disorganization of entropy that we have within the 2nd law of thermodynamics.
This spherical symmetry is also the reason why we have great rotating spheres of plasma in the form of stars.
But when we look at Kepler’s Laws of planetary motion we find the planets orbits are elliptical.
In Quantum Atom Theory these elliptical orbits represent the broken symmetry of spacetime.
In Kepler’s second law a planet sweeps out equal areas in equal times as it orbits the Sun. But the planet moves faster near the Sun than when it is distance.
If the planets orbits were circular there would be no variation in speed and we would have perfect symmetry in space and time.
This is because the time dilation formed by the Sun is spherical therefore a planet in circular orbit will not encounter a gravitational difference that is formed by time dilation.
In this theory the Universe can never expand and accelerate into nothingness or collapses in a big crunch because gravity is a secondary force. The inward force of gravity is formed by the outward momentum of light forming time dilation. The curved space of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity is formed by time dilation, objects just free-fall towards the greatest energy or mass because it has the slowest rate or flow of time.
Galaxies are the power houses of creation and create their own spacetime geometry relative to their energy or mass. It makes no difference what galaxy an observer observers from. He will see the other galaxies accelerating away at greater and greater red shifts.
This will create length contraction and time dilation as space contracts time runs more slowly forming the curvature of spacetime.
At the edge of the sphere matter will never becomes infinitely dense because of length contraction and time dilation are both infinite. Matter will continue forever getting closer and closer to the speed of light just like an infinite series in mathematics.
Also the Universe was infinite at the time of creation because the formation of time or spacetime is happening now photon by photon everywhere.
In this theory we have an infinity of possibilities because there is always EMR or plasma so if the energy level is increased quantum fluctuations can slow the rate that time flows forming its own future spacetime geometry or curvature relative to the energy.
The continuous exchange of photon energy forms the repetition for the formation of fractal self-similarities at all levels.
Our Universe is homogeneity (every point the same) and isotropy (every direction the same) but only at the same proper time.
Therefore we can have a dynamic Universe over a period of time of continuous change continuous creation formed by the forward momentum of light!
In this theory we have a breathing living Universe where the breath is formed by the inward absorption and outward emission of light waves of electromagnetic radiation.
The Universe is alive crackling and humming with electromagnetic potential that we can interact with turning the possible into the actual!


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