Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Theory of Everything, but God, an artist theory on the science of time as a physical process.

This video explains an artist theory on the science of time as a physical process. Modern physics has no understanding of the Arrow of Time or why we have a future that is always uncertain and a past that we can never change.

Our deepest understanding of time is explained in Einstein’s relativity. In this theory time is linked to space and we have spacetime. The rate that time flows in the space surrounding an object is relative to the energy or mass of that object. When the object moves the spacetime moves relative to the object therefore we have a reference frame for each object relative or related to its energy or mass.

Einstein’s hoped that his theories on relative would give mankind an objective understanding of our Universe and our place within it. This never happened mainly because of the weirdness of quantum mechanics. In quantum mechanics light is a wave and a particle at the same time and this cannot be understood as part of an objective reality that fits in with our everyday life.

But the theory explained in the video above explains time as a physical process linking Einstein relativity with the wave particle duality and uncertainty of quantum mechanics.

Because we can never achieve absolute zero every object is radiating light waves continuously even people. In this theory it is this continuous flow that forms the flow of time and Arrow of Time for each individual object within their reference frame. Therefore light is a wave over a period of time and a particle in the moment of now when it comes in contact with an object and interacts with the electrons of the atoms of the object. We have a process of continuous change or energy exchange photon by photon, moment by moment that we can interact with turning the possible into the actual.

This is a totally universal process the energy and mass of a dancer spinning on the dance floor will distort the geometry of spacetime in just the same way as a moon spinning around a planet. We all form our own future by slowing down the rate that time flows relative to our actions or energy and momentum. We will do this in our own created reference frame within a dynamic process that is relative to external reference frames.

Therefore someone in a reference frame of bright Sun light will age faster than someone in the shade. Also anyone who comes in contact with high levels of radiation will increase their probability of having cancer. This is because of the way light or electromagnetic radiation is relative to time and the future uncertainty of life.

The rest of this video explains this process in greater detail explaining entropy, gravity and even consciousness within this one universal process!


Anonymous said...

You Sir have my respect,nice blog and uploads on yT,not many people understand or have time for science and how the universe works.

Anonymous said...

I came across your artwork as I was browsing through Google. Your works are rather surreal, to say the least. However, your "theories" seem like nothing more than a mish mash of words you thought sounded nice when they were put together. As a student who knows what some of this stuff means, your mathematical "theories" are nonsense.