Sunday, 2 December 2012

A reason for Positive and Negative Charge within an Artist Theory on the Physics of Time

I am on Worldwide Web promoting my theory on the physics of 'time' as a physical process. This theory explains why electric charge comes in two types positive and negative and why charge of the same type repels and opposite charge attracts. It does this by explaining time as an interactive process that is non-linear with a time line or arrow of time for each ref-frame.

This theory is based on just two postulates:

The first is that the quantum wave particle function Ψ or probability function of quantum mechanics represents the forward passage of time itself photon by photon.

The second is that Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle ∆×∆p×≥h/4π that is formed by the w-function is the same uncertainty we have with any future event within our own ref-frame that we can interact with turning the possible into the actual!

The photon is the carrier of the electromagnetic force and therefore forms the flow of electric charge and the movement of electromagnetic fields. In this theory this forms what we see and feel as the flow of time therefore this theory should be able to explain why like charge repels and unlike charge attracts giving us an objective understanding to the electromagnetic force.

Modern physics has no deep explanation of the nature of charge but in this theory positive and negative charge is merely a deficiency of the other, within the same physical process!

The deficiency is a difference in the rate that time flows within an individual ref-frame or system and the physical process is ‘time’ itself as a process of continuous energy exchange or what I like to call continuous creation forming the continuum of time.

Like charge represents the charge for the whole surface of a quantum wave particle function Ψ or probability function expanding out within an individual ref-frame. Therefore like charge repels as the w-function expands forming the flow of time.

Unlike charge represents two quantum wave particle function Ψ or probability function expanding out from their ref-frames and coming into contact. Therefore unlike charge attracts and keep continuously cancelling out as the future unfolds.

The reason why there are only two types of charge when there is an infinite number of quantum wave particle function Ψ or probability function is because of the nature of time. In this theory time is formed by the energy of an object slowing up the rate that time flows.

Therefore there will only ever be two ratios, positive and negative representing the greater or less time dilation or rate that time is unfolding within an individual ref-frame.

This makes sense when you think that elementary charge (large scale systems) can be spread over a finite volume whose absolute size may range from that of everyday objects up to a star or even a large region of interstellar space.

Also a collection of more than two charges gives the potential energy of the system as a whole. In this theory the potential energy represents the future potential that we all have within our own ref-frame because the process represents the flow of time itself.

The precise definition of the difference in potential energy between two configurations (ref-frames) is as follows: it is the work done by forces external to the system solely in changing it from one configuration to the other.

This gives us a totally objective understanding to electromagnetism we have to do work by putting energy into something to create the potential of our own future within that ref-frame.

This makes even more sense because in Maxwell’s theory of ‘magnetic fields’ any moving charged particle creates a magnetic moment. Because positive and negative charge is an innate part of matter that keeps cancelling out this process is universal and continuous forming the continuum of time moment by moment.

It is time variations within magnetic fields that act as a source for electric fields and time varying electric fields is the source of the magnetic fields. When one field is changing in time, then a field of the other is induced. This will be relative to the position and momentum of the objects creating the time variation, the atoms themselves interacting with the electromagnetic waves. Therefore we have new photon energy coming into existence relative to the position of the atoms forming what we see and feel as the flow of time.

The greater the energy in space the greater the curvature of spacetime and the stronger the electromagnetic field is at that point in space and at that moment in time.

In this theory the Universe is in a process of continuous creation and therefore electromagnetic waves do not need a propagation medium because each new photon is a new moment of creation a new moment in time that changes the curvature of spacetime as the future unfolds.


Marina B.H. said...

This is a really incredible blog. I only just stumbled upon so haven't yet had the chance to do more than skim, but I look forward to reading your entries.

I'm curious about your educational background. if you don't mind my asking, what subject did you focus on in school and at what level?

QueenLaKarma TheThirdeyecomedy said...

I'm so happy someone(you)had what I been looking for involving positive&negative energy. I do comedy but, really am serious when it comes to me teaching KARMA College (Positive) only& give the WARNINGS about the (Negative). Im on youtube: TheThirdeyecomedy. You commented on my site. Pls let me know how I can help in such research. Thank You

QueenLaKarma TheThirdeyecomedy said...

Thank you Quantum art and poetry. Love your website.

Faraz Khan Yusufzai said...

Dear Mr.Harvey , the www is indeed a strange and wonderful place.. It is very british and beautiful to be eccentric..explains why britain was the mother of industry democracy and scientific method ; Indeed it is probably a characteristic of homo sapiens . What a poetic and cathartic theory you have designed... Science is a house of cards ( I speak as a chemistry graduate from univ.of London ).. But it is mainstream theory that has been the engine for western material success... IMHO i can see your "thought-art" improving us spiritually but not experimentally or scientifically.... In the uk a chemist would not be allowed to practice as an electrician.( just as an example ) ... As there would be a danger to society.. So professional artists should not waste their talents in Theoretical Physics. There are exceptions such as the non-scientist Thomas Edison , so that is why my opinion is humble. Your art-thought starts on a false premise that particles radiate waves...this is wrong.