Thursday, 17 January 2013

Free Will a scientific explanation within an artist theory on the physics of time

A video on Quantum Atom Theory an artist theory on the physics of 'time' as a physical process.

There is a debate in the scientific world on whether we have free will or not. This can seem odd to anyone outside of the scientific community. Because too an ordinary person it is obvious that we have free will to create our own future in the form of art or poetry.
Free will can only be understood if we can explain the process that forms the uncertainty and probabilities of our everyday life.
I am on the worldwide web promoting my theory, an artist theory on the physics of ‘time’ as a physical process. In this theory we have free will because we are part of a universal interactive process.
This is formed by the wave-particle duality of light we create new light photon oscillations relative to our position and momentum or in other words relative to our actions.
I believe this is what we are seeing when we see an artist at work. We are seeing new light photons coming into existence relative to the actions of the artist.
The outward momentum of light forms the Arrow of Time for each individual reference frame for each individual person or object.
We are seeing the future unfolding light photon by light photon within that reference frame forming the uncertainty of everyday life.
If our eyes were more sensitive to the light we would be able to see that everything is radiating light waves continuously.
We have free will because the wave-particle duality of light forms an interactive process forming a blank canvas that the individual can interact with turning the possible into the actual from the centre of their own reference frame!
Because the photon is also the carrier of the electromagnetic force this process forms the electrical potential that in this theory is linked to our own future potential.
This gives us an objective understanding to electromagnetism we have to do work by putting energy into something to create the electrical potential and by doing so we create our own future within that ref-frame.
 This makes sense because in this theory consciousness in the form of electrical activity in the brain is the most advance part of this universal process.
Therefore we can comprehend this process from the centre of our own reference frame with a future that is always uncertain forming the probabilities and opportunities that are need for free will to exist.
I believe that we see and feel this process of continuous change or what I like to call continuous creation as the flow of time itself!
 A person with a scientific background might say that ‘time’ is form by the continuous disorganization of entropy explained in the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
But what they can’t tell you is where the organization comes from for the continuous disorganization of statistical entropy.
In this theory the organization for the continuous disorganization of entropy is formed by the spherical symmetry of each new photon electron coupling. Time symmetry does not begin billions of years ago with a Big Bang because time is unfolding here and now photon by photon with organization in the form of  spherical symmetry forming and breaking.   
Therefore photon energy cascades down creating greater degrees of freedom for the disorganization of statistical entropy. This universal process also forms the freedom for free will for the creative process of art and poetry.
In my other videos I explain this theory in greater detail using diagrams and mathematics. Explaining how this process is formed by the quantum wave particle function or probability wave function of quantum mechanics and how Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle ∆×∆p×≥h/4π is the same uncertainty we have with any future event!   
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