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The so called observer effect explained, Question and Answers on Quantum Mechanics within an artist theory on the physics of ‘time’ as a physical process. Part two

The so called observer effect is explained in this video because light has to come in contact with our eyes for us to see. Therefore our eyes collapse the wave function just like any other object in our Universe by coming into physical contact with it. This is a universal process that is happening all around us. The wave particle duality of light is continuously collapsing and reforming. In this theory ‘Quantum Atom Theory’ an artist theory on the physics of time as a physical process we see and feel this peocess as the passage or flow of time itself.
I have been promoting this theory on the World Wide Web for over two years now. Here is a sample of questions that people have asked. I have found this feedback very helpful!
Where does the 'organisation' come from?'
    In fact, more than 'organisation', the incredible order of life (& even galaxies & planetary systems) shows Information. In the beginning was Information. Increasing entropy as time moves forward means increasing order as we go back in time. And, all speciation (new species) show loss of genetic information from earlier ancestors (who were more adaptable - were less dependent niches). This means great order & information in the beginning
    Yes this is all very true! Nothing has greater organization or symmetry than a sphere 4π and in this theory we have this in the form of  4π in Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle ∆×∆p×≥h/4π representing a sphere of probability.
    In this theory this forms because light will radiate out from its radius at a constant speed in every direction forming a sphere.
    We have a process of spherical symmetry 4π forming and breaking and when the spherical symmetry is broken it forms spiral symmetry 2π.
    This spiral symmetry will form the geometry used by an individual life form having line symmetry that represents the time line for that reference frame.  
    This process is formed by the quantum wave particle function Ψ or probability function represents the forward passage of time itself with the future unfolding photon by photon. This forms greater degrees of freedom for statistical entropy.
    The creator of this video should distinguish between Tesla and Einstein. Tesla didn't agree with Einstein theory of general relativity, their brains worked in different directions. So please don't poison Tesla with Einstein. Tesla is pure and noble, leave him at his post.
    You are talking about people here and you have a point! But we have a problem and the problem is only the coming together of the electromagnetic force (this is where Tesla comes in) and Newton’s universal gravitational force (with Einstein’s relativity) will give us a complete picture of reality! This theory makes gravity a secondary force to the EM force supporting the work of Tesla!
    If you Nick Harvey refer to E = Mc^2 and Einstein then you are not a Tesla man. So please don't talk more about Tesla and name your videos Tesla when you actually talk about Einstein since all your material is based on Einstein. Go check your history how Tesla reacted to the theory of General relativity and what he thought about Einstein
    I am not really into history I find it very depressing! But Tesla said that empty space can’t be curved in other words he was pointing out that Einstein never explained how gravity curved spacetime as a physical process. In this theory object form their own time by slowing down the rate the time flows. Objects just free-fall towards the greatest energy because it has the greatest time dilation. Gravity is a secondary force to the EM force supporting what Tesla said about EM force!
    Nikola Tesla: “The day when we shall know exactly what electricity is will chronicle an event probably greater more important, than any other recorded in the history of the human race”
    This is a great description using Quantum theory. It is not complete as it does not explain why individual identities are able to react this way. They were able to describe the the process correctly but at the atomic level they have not shown why the atoms work this way. This is because they do not, as yet understand what role time and space play in the make up of individual atoms or how time and space came into existence.
    In this theory we have a process of continuous creation continuously coming into existence with each new light photon oscillation a process of energy exchange that we see and feel as the continuum of time!  The atoms form their own time by slowing up the rate that time slows forming a curvature of spacetime relative to their own energy or momentum. If you look at my video on the Periodic Table as a spiral you will see how the different elements react starting with Hydrogen in the centre and spiralling out!
    The Periodic Spiral of Elements

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