Monday, 20 May 2013

Euler Identity as a physical process in the formation of space and time.

This video explains an artist theory on the physics of time as a physical process.

As can be seen on the diagrams we have light interacting with matter  in the form of photon electron coupling representing ‘the moment of now’ time or t = 0 with +1 and -1 representing the positive and negative of electromagnetic waves or light. Therefore we even have the start of the Fibonacci sequence 0, 1, 1... in the diagram this is linked to Euler Identity giving this beautiful equation a place in the structure of space and time!
 In a new quantum theory Euler Identity is at the centre of the quantum wave particle function as it expands as an inverse volume of space in the form of a sphere. This will place Euler Identity at the heart of creation of space and time as the future unfolds photon by photon.
Therefore human mathematics and geometry is just a reflection of our physical Universe and the irrational number sequence that goes on forever and never repeats always forming something different represents the forward momentum of time.
In Quantum Atom Theory time is a continuous process of the wave function collapsing and reforming (wave-particle duality) forming new photons in space and new moments in time. That forms the arrow of time or the time continuum that forms three dimensional spacetime. In three dimensional space light will move in straight line in all directions forming light spheres.
This will create a square of probability that the observer will see as the future uncertainty of everyday life and as Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle at the quantum level. In this theory consciousness does not collapse the wave function of quantum physics only physical action with light waves physically coming into contact with electrons (matter) creating photon electron coupling can do this.
Consciousness is beyond the scope of this theory but consciousness must be governed by the same laws of physics as the rest of the Universe. But if time dilation can occur within the mind of the observer then the observer could be looking at a reflection of his or her own reality. This could one day explain why some people have dreams that come true or why meditation and praying seems to effect reality.

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