Sunday, 3 November 2013

Could the Twin Paradox be explained by time as an emergent property?

Video expaining the Twin Paradox within an artist theory on the physics of  'time' as a physical process.

Why does one twin age and the other remain young? The answer to this question is explained in this video by an artist explanation of time as a physical process. In this theory time is formed by time dilation. Objects form their own time by slowing up the rate that time flows (time dilation) relative to their energy and momentum. The twin that stayed young was in a reference frame that had an increase in acceleration and therefore an increase in energy. This increase in energy would have caused an increase in time dilation slowing up the rate that time flows in that reference frame. This is why the twin that went on the space journey stayed young relative to the twin that remained on Earth. This theory uses Einstein’s relativity to create a solution to the twin paradox based on time dilation and a deeper understanding of quantum mechanics. The Twin Paradox is explained in this video by diagrams and animations that give us a logical solution!


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