Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Albert Einstein said: "Everything is vibration"

Albert Einstein said: "Everything is vibration" But if this is true if everything is just a form of energy vibration then there should be a process where new vibrations come into existence and other ceased to exist. Also this process should be able to explain why we all have a future that is always uncertain and interactive relative to our actions with a past that is always unchangeable and only really existing as a memory in the mind of the individual.

Such a process has to be a physical continuum that is unfolding at the smallest unit of vibration energy the light quanta of quantum mechanics.

Therefore it is unfolding photon oscillation by photon oscillation forming a great dance of energy exchange with new photon oscillations continuously coming in to existence.

I believe we see and feel this process as the continuum of time itself!

Many people have said that 'time' cannot be explained as a physical process, but I disagree because all the hard work has been done, and only a new interpretation has to be put forward.

At the level of the atoms this process has been explained by quantum mechanics.

And at the level of our everyday life the photon oscillations are the carrier of the electromagnetic force with the movement of EM fields and the flow of electric charge this has been explained by Michael Faraday and others.

The interactive part of this process has been explained by the interactive geometry of Einstein's theories on relativity.

 This theory is very simple the outward momentum of light forms the forward flow of time within each individual reference frame. At the quantum level of the atoms this will be in the form of the quantum wave particle function Ψ or probability function.

This probability function will form Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle ∆×∆p×≥h/4π representing the same uncertainty we have with any future event within our own reference frame.

This happens because light is a wave until it comes in contact with the electrons of an atom. When it does this it will form a photon electron coupling represents a new moment in time with matter anti-matter annihilation being the process that annihilates the past.

 Matter in the form of electrons are continuously interacting with light forming new probability wave function of future possibilities. Therefore we have a continuous renewing process forming the future photon by photon.

 On the scale of our everyday life this will form the movement of EM fields with electrical potential representing our own future potential within our own reference frame.

We have a Universe of electrical potential of continuous creations continuously coming into existence photon by photon with the flow of EM fields within an infinite number of ref-frames. This is a universal process from the largest object to the smallest creature all will create their own ref-frame. Even you as you respond to this comment your action will be relative to the electrical activity in your brain within your own created ref-frame.

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