Thursday, 28 May 2015

Reflection explained using the light photon of Quantum Mechanics with the future as an emergent property

This video explains how a
reflection is formed using the particle or photon nature of light. This is done
by using a new theory that explains the Universe as a continuum with the future
continuously unfolding photon by photon. The spontaneous absorption and
emission of light forms a universal process of energy exchange that forms the
ever changing world of our everyday life that we see and feel as the flow of
Each object and life form has an
Arrow of Time with the future being relative to the past as a process of cause
and effect. 
This can be seen in the nature of a mirror image. In the reference
frame of the observer the mirror image represents the past with the future
unfolding relative to the actions of the observer.
But in the reference frame of the
mirror the observer represents the past with the future coming into existence
with each new photon electron coupling or dipole moment relative to the surface
of the mirror.
Therefore both are relative to
each other and this can be seen as reflection with creation in the hand and eye
of the beholder as a process of continuous energy exchange formed by the
spontaneous absorption and emission of light. The wave particle duality of
light and matter in the form of electrons forms an interactive process that
life can interact with forming the possible into the actual!
We have an emergent future
objects and life forms create their own future relative to their energy and
momentum or actions. Energy ∆E slows the rate that time ∆t flows with the
future unfolding photon by photon as a process of continuous creation.
The quantum wave particle
function Ψ of quantum mechanics representing the spontaneous absorption and
emission of light forming a square of future probability with the mathematics
of quantum mechanics represents the physics of time as a physical process. What
we see in our everyday life as an uncertain future is formed by a physical
process that at the smallest scale is represented mathematically by
Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle ∆×∆p×≥h/4π representing a potential sphere
4π of future uncertainty. With the Planck's Constant ħ=h/2π representing a
constant of action within the interactive geometrical process of spacetime that
we see and feel as time in three dimensional space!
There are no paradoxes in this
theory and I have placed links here to videos explaining the Two Slit
Experiment and the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment that can both be
totally explained if the Universe is a continuum with an emergent future
continuously unfolding relative to our actions.

 There is also a link to a video that explains
how consciousness in this theory can be explained as electrical activity in the
brain that is aware of its own electrical potential. That will always be in the
centre of its own reference frame in ‘the moment of now’ being able to look
back in time in all direction at the beauty of the stars!

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